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MRX MEDIA PRESENTS: #SessionsWithMR- 001

Organising for an event is never easy. Plans change last minute, others are forgotten along the way, but if you can bounce back quick, you can salvage the situation from worst to ok. The initial date for #SessionsWithMR_001 (Sessions With Mwalimu Rachel) was 1st of September 2018 but you see, as team leader I forgot to do something so basic, which was to ask if my audience would be able to come through on said date and if the would have the Ksh 300 by then to pay for entrance. I did not do my research and just that glitch may have cost us the entire event.

I bounced back quick and asked around and thank goodness for #TribeMRX, I was instructed to postpone it to the 8th of September. It worked. Out of the 40 people we targeted, 35 showed up and paid for the session.

Topics we covered:

  1. Maximizing our Talents
  2. Good Saving Culture

Peep at more videos posted from that event on MRX Media YouTube Channel HERE and please do subscribe!

Did you by any chance attend or watched the videos? Please tell me what you think below in the comments section! 😊

 Conquer Your World

Mwalimu Rachel

-Africa’s Finest💋-

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