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If I Were A P.A…

A Personal Assistant.

Now that is a title not many people know the meaning of or what the calling entails.  Oh yes! It’s a calling, not for everyone and the few that have it, my oh my, are so good at it.  In my opinion, a P.A is like a priest. Called to serve. They are bound by their calling and are willing to forsake all else in order to serve fully.

From my Google dictionary:

personal assistant

If you love watching movies like I do, you have seen that loyal butler, loyal personal assistant who is no-nonsense when it comes to their boss. Many of them are skilled in kung fu or some sort of martial art too! Hahaha! They are the ones you have to speak to before you get to the front door of their boss and they take their position very, very seriously.

If I were a celebrity’s P.A, I would:

  1. Look the part. If someone is to take me seriously, I would first take myself seriously and we all know looking sharp helps with that! And thank goodness for Toi and Gikosh that help us do that for cheap!
  2. Dust off those books and read! I would want to be the BEST P.A IN THE WORLD. One who is not just looks but books as well. In my free time I would take up a book to read from: “Being The World’s Best P.A” to “How To Speak and Write Better” If I am assisting this big brand that I work for, well then, I must impress at all times!
  3. Ahead of time. Because my time and my boss’s time are very very valuable. I would be very time conscience. If my boss is to arrive at a venue at 7PM, I would be there at 6PM, announcing to the people I find there with just my presence, that big things are about to go down. I would let them know that she prefers to use this microphone as stated in her rider, get that down payment, make sure the photographer is standing by at the red carpet, basically treat her like the star she is. Why? Because in doing so, her rate goes up, and I get paid more. It’s a win win situation.
  4. Read her mood. She is human after all and if something is bothering her, I would like to know and give her at least a listening ear. She is not my best friend, I am aware of that, but we all need somebody to lean on every now and then. If there is something I can do to ease her mind, like get her a cup of tea, I would do it. I am not just there for a paycheck; I honestly want to help her do her best because she will give me her best. In a sense, I would be her shrink when those dark clouds gather.
  5. Make people understand that without me, they are not boarding! Lol. Respect is given where it is earned and I would make sure that I earn that respect from my peers as well as my boss’s clients. This does not mean I would be rude or inconsiderate, I mean, I would not give them sensitive information that would hurt my boss, I would not make decisions without being absolutely sure that my boss is ok with and I would definitely stay humble and loyal.
  6. Be TTG- Yaani Trained To Go. Her dry cleaning needs to be picked? ON IT! Make a call for reservations? ON IT? Run to town to get her shoes? ON IT! She’s stuck somewhere and needs to get a birthday present for her sister? ON IT! I have to go for a meeting on her behalf? ON. IT. It wouldn’t be a bother, it’s a calling and I love to step in.  And I know she likes it when I do these things for her. When the money rolls in, and that spotlight hits her, I would be right behind her, celebrating her success as I smile all the way to the bank.

With all that being said, I really am looking for a personal assistant. I will tell you this for free; I push my people because I want the very BEST out of them. I am all business, all serious when it comes to my brand and company MRX Media Ltd.  As such, I am looking to add onto our small number so as to take us, ALL of us, to the next level.

I am looking for a doubled edged sword. A lady who will be my personal assistant as well as handler of affairs of my company as the administrator. Do you have what it takes? Send your CV to The deadline is 11thMay  2018, 1PM. All the best.

Conquer Your World

Mwalimu Rachel.


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  1. lovely article. I’ve always yearned to be someones P.A but after reading this i’ve realised to be one you need to more than just a records officer. Nice.
    I beg to ask, do you train people to write juicy and comprehensive articles as yours? may be online.