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Why I Still Drive My Modest Toyota RunX

In your life, as you hustle and try to make ends meet, you have probably been compared to someone else that you started the journey around the same time with. Maybe your sister/brother, a family friend’s kid, a colleague even.

“Gaaai! Umeona Suzzie ako na Land Cruiser VX? Wawawawa! That girl is really killing it!”

“Na vile now you got a promotion, sii you upgrade your car hivi?”

“Eish! You still shop at Toi market and the way you are a big deal?”

You probably felt so discouraged, a bit jealous but mostly upset at the world, God and yourself because ‘what does she have that I don’t? What am I doing wrong? What am I not doing enough?’

Let me share my story with you to encourage you.

For those in the media industry, you get pressured almost daily when you grow to certain levels. So and so has a house and I’m still renting. Others have bought big machines, and I am still driving my modest Toyota RunX. Please understand, there is NOTHING WRONG with people being more successful than you, people owning more than you, having more money than you. Accept that they have what they have and they probably worked very hard to get there. What is wrong however is focussing on them, hating on them behind their backs and feeling sorry for yourself. Your energy needs to be on building you, even as you look up every once in a while to see what others are up to. To encourage you/challenge you.

This is the reason I am still driving my modest car despite outside pressure to “buy a machine”.

I support my parents in shagz. I support my youngest brother in campus. I help in running my own home. I am an entrepreneur. I am also building residential  units. The money I work hard for is to invest in assets. Not buy liabilities at the moment.

So you see, this is simply delayed gratification. Work with what you have, keep your head down, focus on you, don’t try to keep up with the joneses, and the time will come where you will get your heart’s desires.  Hold steadfast! God’s blessings on you.

 Conquer Your World

Mwalimu Rachel

-Africa’s Finest💋-



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