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Many people don’t know this but I have 3 shambas. Acreage sio muhimu. They are located within very close proximity and give me good yields all year round. In these shambas I major on planting crops that are good for the soul. Soul food as many would call it. Foods that nourish and build the mind, body and soul.

My 3 shambas are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Oh you laugh? Lol. I mean it. I have taken time to plough these shambas of mine. Known the soil type (content), the amount of acidity (negativity) within their soils and just the right manure (ufala tu) needed to keep them productive. In return, I have had interested parties(clients/brands) lease portions of my shamba so they too can benefit.

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I always say, if you are going to spend hours on end on social media, it better be earning you some money. I recently read on article that said humans spend crazy number of hours on YouTube. See where you’re at!

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I now want to get my other 2 shambas to give me yields. That’s my website and YouTube channel. These two are hard to crack! Any ideas?

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  1. Great insights. For YouTube and the Website, you need knowledge in SEO. Trust me, it will go a long way in broadening your boundaries. Keep building. Cheers.