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10 Rules Every 20-Something Girl Should Live By

Being 20-something is the best, right? The best things are bound to happen your 20s. The paradox is that while it could be one of the most exciting periods of your life, it could also be the most stressful. Most 20 year olds are figuring out what they want in life. Here are 10 rules every 20-something year old girl should live by…

1. Do not compare
Forget your friend’s pics… the ones you see on social media that make you green with envy. Everyone else may appear to be doing better that you, but that’s only because you choose to see it that way. When you compare where you are and where other’s are, you will get no where. Celebrate other’s successes but most importantly, focus on where you want to go.

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2. Be nice
This may sound like a cliche, but you cannot ignore the power of being nice to others. Ever been mean to someone then later worried about what would happen when you ran into that person somewhere else? Another cliched example, but when you really think about it, it’s terrifying how a bad attitude could ruin future opportunities. That does not mean you cannot say NO when you need to though.

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3. Trust your instincts
If your gut is telling you something’s not right, then you’re probably right. It doesn’t stop there… do something about it. Follow your first thought – In fact, if you follow this rule, you’d probably have less indecisive moments.

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4. Remember people change
You’ll have besties one moment, and the next you won’t. You’ll meet a stranger, he’ll become the love of your life, next thing you know things won’t work out, and you’re back to being strangers again. This isn’t always the situation… You will find the right guy and keep a good friend. Don’t beat yourself up though, when things don’t work out.

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5. Relationships take work
Not just relationships with the Bae, but even those with your friends. You will gain and lose a lot of relationships in your 20s. Most times you will find that a relationship collapsed because someone did not learn to compromise for the other.

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6. Do what you love
You may still not be sure what working with passion really means. Always remember though that when you do figure it out, you will never regret chasing the dream. Everyone else may not get it, but when you do grasp the benefits, they suddenly will.

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7. It’s okay to feel lost
There will be days when you’ll have it all figured out – and it will feel great! There will also be days when it will be like nothing makes sense. Remember that it’s okay to feel this way, it does not mean you’re a failure. Besides, if it’s a mistake you’ve made, do not focus on how bad it is. Instead pick the things you can learn from it.

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8. You’ll feel alone
And it will suck. When you do feel like no one in the world gets you, and that you’re all alone, remember that you are loved. Your family, your friends, regardless of how terrible you feel, they really do love you.

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9. You will meet a hater or two (or even thousands if you’re going to be a celebrity)
But you know, haters are gonna hate. So just SHAKE THEM OFF!

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10. Chivalry is NOT dead
Do not let a man treat you like crap ati because “that’s what men do”. You are a queen. You deserve to be treated like one. You will find someone who’ll treat you like one.

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