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Freaky Friday: The Mystery of the Devil’s Triangle

Every Friday, I share with you a scary, freaky REAL story. You may have not heard of our previous Freaky Friday stories – the silent twins or death’s phone number. Chances are high though that you have heard of the Devil’s Triangle, more commonly known as the Bermuda Triangle. The place is infamous for disappearing ships, planes and people.

The Bermuda triangle is one of the most mysterious places on earth. Strange things have happened in the region which lies between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. Over 8000 people have either lost their lives or simply vanished due to mysterious unexplainable phenomenon. Here are the most famous Bermuda Triangle stories.

The Abandoned Ghost Ship


In 1872, an American merchant ship was found stranded at sea with everything in the right place. The Mary Celeste, now known as the Ghost ship was found in perfect condition, without a single member of the crew on site. The weather was fine. There was food and water to last the crew 6 months. The men were very good at their job, and were considered trustworthy. Their personal belongings and valuables were untouched. So why would very capable crew men abandon a ship when the weather is fine and there is lots of food and water? Why would they leave their valuables behind? It remains a mystery.

The Plane that Never Landed


In 1948, a plane left San Juan in Puerto Rico, heading for Miami. The plane had 32 people in it, including the pilot. When the plane was close to the destination, the captain radioed the Miami airport for landing instructions. The airport replied but did not however get a reply back from the pilot. The plane and its passengers were never seen again.

The Sulfur Queen that lost its ping


This tanker was initially meant to carry oil, but it was converted to carry Sulphur. In Feb of 1963, the ship sent a radio report and soon afterwards went quiet. There was no SOS or distress call sent out, no warning of coming trouble. The ship disappeared and has never been found since then.

The Training Group that got Lost in the Loop


In December 1945, a group of pilots in training boarded Flight 19. They were receiving the best training in the world, and everything was working out until… The training group got in to the Bermuda Triangle, and soon afterwards radioed for help, saying “We can’t find West… Everything looks strange, even the ocean. Twenty minutes later, one of them said “It looks like we’re entering white water. We’re completely lost.” Flight 19 disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. No evidence of a crash was found. There was no debris, nothing to be found!


Here’s the freaky thing about the Bermuda Triangle – It’s is not a small area, it over 700,000 km in size. It is not fixed – meaning it can move locations and that these happenings can happen outside the Bermuda border.

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