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I’m Baaaaaaack! Missed Me?

Heh! Has it really been this long since I last posted? 2 years?? Riri?? 🤣 😂 Gosh! I don’t know whether to apologise or sweep this under the rug and just keep it moving! I will say this though. I have missed writing. I have missed interacting with you, reading your comments and replying to them. I am inspired to write again {you have my 7 year old son- Jabari to thank for that} so be sure you’ll be reading my most private thoughts more often.

We are living in a pandemic era. Corona aka Covid 19. It’s crazy. These were things I read about in my primary and high school years from small pox, sijui the killer flu, measles etc. I would think to myself , “Phew! Lucky I didn’t exist in that time. Whatever would I have done?” Then BOOM! 2020 struck and here we are.

Many of us out of jobs, many of us scared to even go outside. Scared for our parents back in the village, scared for our kids- both the born and unborn. I wish I had the answers or the solution. What I can offer though is hope. That’s all we ever really have at the end of it all. Hope that we will cope with the new normal. Hope that a cure will be found. Hope that we will still achieve our dreams because I know my maker isn’t done with me just yet. Remember this everyday you wake up. If the maker were done with us, we wouldn’t be here, reading this and saying: Huh?! Would you look at that… Mwalimu Rachel is back.

Sanitize and keep safe:

-Aunty Tamtam-

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