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Monday 28th Sept.

Dear Diary.

In case you missed my story on Homeboyz Radio 103.5FM, (1PM-4PM Monday to Friday) and yes, I know I tell lots of stories there which are all true! Lol! I have recently started taking public transportation after about 3 years of driving. Reason? The car needs some fixing which will take some time. That and the fact that it just doesn’t make sense to me spending close to 3 thousand bob a day for about 2weeks should I use a cab to and from work. I mean c’mon, that make sense to you? Exactly.

So there I was, Monday morning, suited and booted ready to take on the crazy world of matatus and buses. I say crazy because if you have lived in Nairobi or any major town in Kenya, then you know how hectic public transportation is. Starting off with the matatu conductors who lie about the route they will take to town to the drivers who drive like maniacs…I could go on and on. But I braced myself for all that, telling myself if I survived back then as a Uni student then dammit, I can relive those crazy times and do it again. Bring it!

A problem arose that morning… How would I get to the office? I mean, yes I know I would take a matatu to town then a bus to Galana Plaza but what bus number? Woi! Thank goodness for twitter because after putting out an SOS, many came out to tell me it was the number 46 bus from Kencom that would get me to the studio. Never been happier! The trek to Kencom wasn’t the best though, bumping into people in the busy streets, some pointing at me because…well, “How is this girl we see on TV walking? Doesn’t she have a car?”

“Isn’t she the one on the bill board?” Lol! I could hear a group of girls chatting as a hurried past them. I wanted to turn back and explain but stopped and told myself, why bother Rachel? A car or lack of it, doesn’t define who you are and the talent you have, what you offer the world everyday. I shouldn’t feel some type of way using that matatu or bus because society expects me to be driving, and if I don’t have a car, should at least be cabbing it everyday. Right diary? No need for that pressure on me. I should focus on more important things like getting to the studio on time and having a damn good show.

We are told this nearly everyday, dear diary, (and I am thankful for the level minded people I surround myself with…) live within your means! This isn’t just for those in campus living off of that HELB loan that is still to reflect in many accounts (and by the way these HELB guys should really give the comrades hizo loans) but also for us who are working and living a decent life, and have got some money to spend every now and then. The minute I let people who most probably don’t even know me dictate how I should live and start showing off a lifestyle I really can’t keep up, is the minute I lose myself and I don’t want that to happen. I hope the person who gets to read this, is unshackled from the bondage of “keeping up” and gets to enjoy the freedom that comes with being true to themselves. Let’s now raise that glass and toast to 2 weeks of experiencing public transportation and living my life!

Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel.

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