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10 Steps To Personal Financial Growth.

These steps are based off of my personal experience and not a one size fits all formula. These steps will take you from a time I was an intern to where I am today. Hopefully you too will get an idea of where to start and what to do. Here we go!

STEP 1: Align With Your Purpose.

Whatever sets your soul on fire, do that. This requires courage and heart to pursue. With an almost maniac, relentless attitude. You don’t have to be aggressive and show it, you just have to FEEL IT and OBSESS over it.

STEP 2: Learn/Watch/Study from others who are making money from your similar passion.

This requires discipline, humility, PATIENCE and stillness. Intern even without pay, stay behind longer, offer yourself to do more… It will be TOUGH. You will want to give up many times, but I beg of you, don’t.

STEP 3: The Universe will reward you for step 2.

A small token here and there will come. A gig here and there. A mentor might appear and take you under their wing. Continue learning! Stay disciplined. Many fall by the way side here because small money confuses and excites them. FOCUS and remind yourself of your vision. Your DREAM. Never let go of that even as you enjoy crumbs along the way.

STEP 4: Be wise in your spending.

You’ll find yourself with more money and a different circle of friends/ colleagues who are living a good lifestyle. MANAGE YOUR LIFESTYLE. MANAGE YOUR MONEY! You may not have a plan for your money just yet, so just save it. Take up a financial literacy class and learn how money works. Yes! STUDY MONEY! I took up Centonomy 101 – Personal Financial Freedom and this is where my life changed. What you are essentially doing by taking these classes is opening yourself up to the BIG LEAGUES. You are telling the universe  “Ok! I’m investing in myself so that there can be ROI- Return on Investment. THE MONEY WILL NOT COME IF YOU DO NOT COMMIT. Either your time, money – e.g. on said classes, etc. YOU MUST GIVE SOMETHING TO RECEIVE SOMETHING.

STEP 5: Knowledge is POWER.

But it can be pointless without you exercising it. With the lessons learnt, do something with that information. Buy shares, government bonds, SOMETHING. You are now being a RISK TAKER. You will win some and lose some but the lessons acquired are FOREVER so you don’t really lose. You gain. (I’m a glass half full kinda girl and always look on the bright side of life ☺️) Not to mean I don’t vent and sulk sometimes, I just don’t dwell in it. Cry, then keep moving. You still have your DREAM remember?

STEP 6: NOT ALL DEBT IS BAD DEBT. Take a deep breath here. Exhale as I tell you my story.

My first car. A Toyota RunX.

I bought it on part loan, part savings. My salary was paying for the bank loan monthly. I could handle it because the salary was steady. A car is a liability right? But TIME is MONEY. And if I spend less time fighting to catch matatus and being in the jam and more time attending meetings so that I am in the rooms where business is discussed and money is made, then that car that facilitated that to happen, becomes an asset. Plus sometimes in business, it’s all about PERCEPTION.

Not all debt, is bad debt.


STEP 7: Look for multiple streams of income/revenue.

Your salary will never be enough. This is also a safety net. Social media became that for me. Just like money, you need to study social media. Follow THE RIGHT PEOPLE who will inspire you in your own journey and their passions are similar to yours. If I’m not inspiring, getting inspired or making money from my content here, it’s useless. Be very tactful and strategic.

STEP 8: Remember to reward yourself along the way!

Go for nice holidays, shopping, go to entertainment spots, whatever makes you happy and helps you relax and have fun. The goal is to ENJOY the journey, not be miserable and a slave to it.


This is the HOLY GRAIL. The generator of generational wealth. Remember step 6 on not all debt is bad debt? Let’s revisit that…

With the money coming in, you need to think to yourself: “How can this money make more money when I’m asleep?” This is called PASSIVE INCOME. I mean I don’t want to work hard all the damn time, I want to work SMART. Your savings coupled with a loan can get you started on real estate or other areas of investing that yield returns. Please understand, this is a LONG GAME. A marathon, not a get rich quick deal. This is for people who have learnt the meaning of patience, have lost money along the way  and aren’t relying on the money put here to pay bills. This is literally Monopoly. Disposable income.


I currently have 4 housing units (God is good!) I topped up my car loan to build my first 2. With the rent money coming in, plus savings and side hustle money, I built another 2, while my salary and side hustle money was paying off the loan. I got into a Sacco and rent collected from the 4 houses goes into the Sacco. I do not touch that rent at ALL. Discipline. I then got another loan from the Sacco to upgrade my car. Now, the initial car loan that I had topped up to build the units is being serviced by my salary (which bear in mind has also increased with time), and my current Sacco loan is being serviced by my 4 houses. I know it can be a bit confusing but like I said, Monopoly. Studying and understanding money. This is what they should be teaching instead of algebra 😅



I’m sharing this because many people tell us to “work word and save/invest” but don’t show us HOW. This is to encourage you dear youth to START NOW. 10 years from today you will thank yourself for doing these things that don’t make sense to many people. Matter of fact, don’t tell them! I am very aware that this may not work for all, but there are some basics in here that will work for you, only if you take it seriously and passionately. I’m sharing this to show you it takes time and patience and failing, and trying again, and not quitting. I recognize the fact that I didn’t do it on my own. I have been blessed to have really awesome people in my life. Teachers, mentors, friends and investors who tell me about opportunities. Staying humble, minding your own business and just doing your part to make this world a better place will draw such people your way, I believe. You won’t always be good, you’re no angel, but just do your best. And when you pray, pray for the right people to come into your life.



A product of a Sacco loan, savings, and rent from 4 houses

Step 10: (By God’s grace🙏🏾) Pay off existing loans, keep saving within the Sacco, get a bigger loan and build an entire flat.

Which step are you in currently? Do let me know in the comments section. I cannot wait to chat with you!

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  1. Am currently at saving stage but by Gods grace In a matter of 2yrs I shall do an impeccable investment. Thank you Mwalimu