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Freaky Friday: The Cursed Phone Number That Killed Its Owners

Every Friday, I share a freaky story from around the world. Today we look at a cursed phone number that was suspended after it “killed” its owners. The phone number 0888 888 888 was assigned to three people. All three died within a 10 year period.

Are you thinking “Yeah right!”?


Well read on!

Vladimir Grashnov, was the CEO of a mobile phone company, known as Mobitel, in Bulgaria. He was the first person to be issued the phone number 0888 888 888 by his company. He unfortunately later died of cancer in 2001. He was 48. Rumour has it that Vladimir’s cancer was caused by a business rival who used radioactive poison to slowly kill him.


The phone number was then passed on to Konstantin Dimitrov, a Bulgarian Mafia boss. At age 31, Dimitrov went to the Netherlands to carry out a health check of his £500 million drug business. He went out to enjoy a meal with a pretty model, when he was shot be a lone assassin. He had his phone with him by the way. It is said that Russian mafia bosses ordered the hit because they were jealous of the Bulgarian’s drug smuggling empire.


After Dimitrov was killed, the cursed phone number was assigned to a real estate agent, Konstantin Dishliev. The man did more than sell tracts of land and property. Dishliev was a crooked business man who secretly run a cocaine drug trade worth millions. One day, Dishliev was leaving an Indian restaurant. He was having a conversation with someone on his phone, and just when he was done, he was gunned down.



What do all these three people have in common? They were all killed by rivals. They all had the same phone number – 0888 888 888. The number was eventually suspended by the phone company, an dhas since not been given to anyone else. Mobitel has however never confirmed whether they believe that the number is truly cursed.

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        1. Oh my! I’d be kinda scared too. But I also feel we give things meaning. If we decide to be scared of a number we will see everything wrong with it and maybe it’s just that, a number.