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5 Reasons Why Sleeping Naked is Good for You

The weather has been umpredicable… mara it’s hot, then it’s cold. There was lots of rain, now there’s a lot of sun. I bet this is how you’ve been sleeping…


Well here’s a solution – sleep NAKED! No T-Shirt, No shorts, No PJs, Not even with those cute night gowns… NAKED! Here’s why sleeping naked is good for you.

You’ll sleep better

Sleeping naked will most likely help you get a better quality sleep. In fact a study shows that having the wrong body temperature an night could interrupt your sleep. It also proved that not allowing your body to self-regulate it’s temperature could stop you from reaching deeper sleep stages. Sleeping nude will help you have more rested sleep. No more waking up and feeling like you hardly slept.


You’ll be happier

Sleeping naked boosts your body’s ability to produce Oxytocin, a feel-good hormone that is known to have all sorts of positive benefits. Oxycotin could help combat depression, stress and high blood pressure.

It’s good for your skin

Your body gets to breathe when you’re nude. You armpits, your feet and especially your private parts are restricted in multiple layers of clothes the whole day. Your parts need to breathe! Besides it helps reduce risks of skin diseases.


It keeps you looking younger

Yes, sleeping with clothes will make you grow old faster. Sleeping naked helps your body balance your melatonin and growth hormone levels. These chemicals helps your body prevent aging and stay healthy. When you’re sleeping with your clothes on, your body heats up and prevents the effective production and use of these chemicals and hormones.

It can build your self-esteem and confidence

Being nude helps you become happier with how your body looks. This can help boost your self-confidence because you’ll be more comfortable in your own skin.


Those are just a few tips by the way. There are lots of reasons why you should be sleeping naked.

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