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Love and Loyalty.

These are the two major things I demand and deserve in any relationship.

Love and Loyalty.

Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna sang about it.










And so if your man has been holding you down, been your support system and covered for you when you couldn’t be there for that birthday or family reunion, were caught up with the hustle and he had to pick up the baby from school and get dinner, what is the best thing to give back? The same damn love and loyalty. This is me doing exactly that.

Many house holds won’t admit to this but being in a home of 2 entrepreneurs is quite strenuous. Some days are great when the cash is flowing, others are bad when both of you or just one has some cash coming in and bills are due. I am not exempt from that life. I am just bold to speak on it.

I had to sit down the other day and question why I have never been loud about bae’s business. I MEAN, I get paid to talk about other businesses and give them visibility so why haven’t I done that for him?

This ends today.

Let me introduce you to what my hubby does.

Children’s entertainment services.  He has been doing this for about 4 years now and has acquired a lot of experience as well as fun props that my son and I get to play with! Lol! My pantry and back yard has been transformed to storage and as much as I bicker for him to move them, enyewe zitaenda wapi? These are his tools of trade. 

He has applied his services to respectable establishments like Radisson Blue and Windsor Hotel just to mention but a few. And as much as this is great, I told him the other day he needs to offer his services to other parents and kids who may not go to such places. Talk of birthday parties or just good old neighbourhood parties like one we had the other weekend at our complex. It was LIT!

I promise you his rates are affordable for the top notch service you shall get. Reach out and email or call 0711649866.

See that? That is me being a supportive rib.

Now send that email and who knows? I may just drop in as he sets up with a complimentary cake!

Mwalimu Rachel

  -Africa’s Finest-💋

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