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Becoming Mwalimu Rachel: Part 2.

The story continues!

So just what IS #Class124?

Think of a  virtual classroom where I am your teacher and you are my student. In this class, we talk about stepping up our hustle, being better young people and having better relationships. For the show to have an authentic sound and feel, I introduced a school bell, 15 minutes break time segment, prefects and syllabus.My name changed too. I was now Mwalimu Rachel. It only made sense. Had to take my imagination the whole 9 yards.  Many didn’t get it at first, this concept had never been done before, and at the same time, since I was learning on the job, I made mistakes that I later learned from. These are those teething problems you hear about.

A Monster Is Unleashed!  🐲 🐲🐲

#Class 124 became a BIG wave and so did my brand. You see, now I was more confident and just enjoyed the feeling of being on the show. The media and respectable brands started taking notice of me. It felt good to get that recognition. I had worked hard for it for sure.

First ever #Class124 Tee.
Mwalimu Rachel
With Mafikizolo! Mama I made it! 😂 😂 





Before I knew it, corporates were booking me to host events. My voice was being used in ads. My numbers grew on social media, and more brands wanted me to endorse their products on my pages.

My Numbers.

And when I was able to rally #KOT using the hash tag #GetMwalimuVerified, and actually succeeded at it? Whoa! I now became a case study!

I’m Verified!

Tv gigs came calling even after I stopped being on Homegrown (let’s just say change is inevitable!) I hosted The Couples Show on K24 TV in 2015, and Unaitas Top Chama Show on Citizen Tv in 2016.

couples-show unaitas-top-chama

Lessons Learnt Along The Way:

  1. Success doesn’t happen in a day or even a year sometimes. It takes time.
  2. Give yourself time to grow into your success… be patient! Don’t be so hard on yourself.
  3. Listen to the more experienced. You don’t have to take in everything, but just listen!
  4. If you are going to do something go the whole way.

And so that, in a nutshell, is the Mwalimu Rachel journey. I keep re-inventing myself, perfecting my skill and challenging myself to do more. Just recently, I became the C.E.O of my new company MRX Media Limited.


Feel free to comment below if you have read my story! Your feedback is much appreciated. 

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Comments (26)

  1. Once again,congratulations for the far you’ve come.You’re such an inspiration to us the younger generation. Every time I get to be in #Class124 my day becomes complete.
    Kudos Mwalimu.

  2. There’s just everything to love about you!!!! You inspire me and so many others in ways unimaginable. Godspeed mwalimu ❤❤

  3. Type your comment here …Whoa!! That’s the most inspirational tale I’ve read about in a while.. I’m so glad that my comment prompted you to write about your journey… I have followed you since you were on Homegrown and I must say I have always been inspired by your hardwork to work my ass off! As a budding media personality with interests almost just as similar as yours, it’s only natural that I keep checking what you do to learn a thing or two…. And learn, I do!

    Keep slaying! Keep Queening! You make me dare to dream! Lessons I have learnt from your journey :

    1.People may be skeptical about your craft at first (your boss and the rest) but if you commit all your energies to what you want, it will work out and the skeptics will join the bandwagon.

    2.Hard work pays… As cliché as it sounds, it’s so TRUE! You worked hard to have Class 124 out there, and it paid off in ten fold! Not only did the show become a smash hit, corporates took note of you and other jobs came calling!

  4. First of all, felicitations for the job well done!
    I love everything and the process of branding yourself as MRX, as a media company which is that unique product you are providing in the market other than advertisements?

  5. Clearly Rome wasn’t built in a day. I hope to join the media industry some day – radio to be precise. You may not know this, but you are actually my mentor. I never fail to read your blog anytime there’s a new post. I feel inspired by your two recent posts on your journey. Nothing but love to the coolest teacher on this planet. Go girl! See what I did there 😉 😉

  6. Wow.. U encorage me in every way posible.esp now that i did take a new step 50/50 .but thanks to you i get to see the positive side of it.

  7. I will forever applaud your journey Rachel. I have watched you since 2006/07 hapo. ume toka mbali ( ata picha zina weza sema)lol! Such a blessing

  8. Clearly Rome wasn’t built in a day. I admire your zeal so much yaani. Every time i tune in to #Class124 i tell my tiny media-dreamy soul not to give up. A role model you are to me and i pray that one day we’ll have a meet up :-). Mungu akubariki zaidi hadi kuku zitage mayai size ya bata. Nothing but love Mwalimu

    1. Hahaha! Anne umenichekesha hapo kwa mayai ya kuku! Thank you dear. Don’t let that dream die! Also, work towards it! Let people know about your dream so when opportunities come about, you are top of mind. I wish you all the best and hopefully we will meet soon!

      1. hey mwalimu,wat a inspiring story…….uv rilly made me fill worth in dis life,i had lost hope bt ua stori has touchd me,,,kip it up mwalimu,lv u en may u live long.