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#MyStartUpJourney:Jumping Hurdles.

This is a story… no actually, this is real. I want to share the things happening to me and around me in the quest to get my company up and running. In my sharing of these events, I could help you understand what you need to do or prepare for as you start your own business. You can also HELP ME figure some things out if you have been there or have an idea. I am not perfect, I am by all means not an expert. I am learning as I go, so expect stories of mistakes as well. Welcome!

Hurdle number 1. Office Space.

So after engaging a lawyer to register my company and having all the necessary documentation, after assembling a small team of 3 to help me put structures in place for my 6 month old company MRX Media Limited, I am facing a “little” dilemma: Finding office space.  Started off little but is clearly becoming bigger by the day. You see, had I been solo, I could have easily worked from my dining table and not stress over it. However with other people who are looking up to me for direction, let’s just say every day that passes that we don’t have a place to set up shop is just giving me sleepless nights.

I’m not talking about a fancy office with glass walls, air conditioning, super fast wi-fi and a fully functional kitchen with a lady in uniform serving us samosas and tea. Those would be good to have but weeh! Sina hiyo budget! Been asking around and brethren, I have received figures I am scared to share with you- but I will so you know what’s out there. LOL! We are talking 70K, 15K per desk per person (sasa multiply that by 4), mara you need a deposit and 3 months rent. Surely,surely. If a company had that money, will it be called a start up or Cash Money Media? 😳 🙄

Wouldn’t this be just perfect for me? 😍 😍 😍


Or this? Wooooow!
     Yeah well, this is what I’ve got! 😫 😩 😩

I don’t really want to start from the top, I want to have my own come up story. One of the joys of eventually having a successful business is the stories you tell of the struggles RIGHT? Lol. I love telling stories and I can’t wait to tell that one. Of course I will exaggerate here and there of how my team and I were working from Uhuru park at some point because we didn’t have space and it was raining and…

Let me stop there but you get the picture. 😂 😂

My team and I have been looking for space though! Not just wallowing and complaining of the crazy amounts that some of these places are asking for. I have asked around on Facebook and Twitter. (Insta is too busy showing us those glamorous pics of offices I doubt even exist so wachana na huko) Some people have gotten back to me with places I should check out and I highly appreciate that. I am working with a budget of 30K and yaani this is me stretched out to the MAX! If I can get a cheaper  no, I was told NEVER to say that… a more AFFORDABLE space, then the better!

What determines your business location as a startup?

MONEY IN YOUR POCKET DUH! …let’s be honest, I don’t need someone preaching to me about image, sijui accessibility by clients (wakae huko kwao kwanza I will get to them! Take me slowly pris! I’m a start up!)

In time I will get to those levels. For now I’m looking at being able to get a space the company can pay rent for EVERY MONTH without fail, and accessibility by my awesome team. Any ideas? Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.



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  1. Nice ARTICLE Rach,,,, Yeah we all start somewhere. Hehe that last office setup though,,, Hata kwa kuketi hamna. Great Post & Thank for working on the comment section 🙂 Its now easy to comment !!

  2. Yeee I feel you.Hallelujah.
    Me kwanza there are times I feel like working from home but then having a team,privacy ONGE!
    Ukipata wale hawatulii kwanza,Mara wameguza fridge ,Mara ice cubes sijui whisky cuz it’s Friday.
    God help Us!

  3. Mwalimu i feel you 101% coz am also in the same situation but not really looking for an office but for land to do farming anyway thanks for the encouragement nice piece of art…HELL NO…..piece of reality. I like the spirit kujichocha till you make it cheers