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My Natural Hair Journey.

Yes, yes, happy new year, haven’t been here a while, apologies apologies!…can I just tell my story though? Alright…I guess I have done it all..almost. Relaxed my hair, plaited, chopped it off, you name it. But I cannot remember the last time my hair was all natural. Must have been in high school. Anyway, I decided to do something crazy last year and grow out my thick hair growth just to see what becomes of it.

One thing I must say is, this journey is not for the faint hearted. ESPECIALLY if you suck at braiding your own hair like me. When I was transitioning, my hair was a chaotic mess. First there was the mohawk-ish hair cut that became uneven as the hair grew, with some of it natural and the rest- somewhat relaxed and just couldn’t decide whether they were straight or not (Lol lol…if you get it you get it…if not endelea kusoma tu) so really I wasn’t able to style sijui with Marini oils and gels and sijui Cantu what. I was stressed! Luckily for me though, I had wigs.

And so it became a routine. Go to the salon, treat, plait school lines and wear my wigs. The other day I visited the salon and told my salon lady to just chop off the hairs that were relaxed-ish at the top of my head so I could know what I was working with. Not so bad. I could live with what was left LOL. Then it was off to the drier for that straw set.

When I was about to risk all…just walk out.

Now here’s the thing they don’t tell you about this straw set manenos. Utakaa ndani ndaaani ndaaaaani ya hiyo drier for like an hour and all you will be thinking about is, “Is it ever this serious? ” After that ordeal I have sworn to myself NEVER TO RETURN. That drier can miss me and my afro. Sirudi. It’s so hot, so uncomfortable and just draining! But what is a girl to do if she wants to create curls for her natural hair, and  doesn’t want to plait overnight before bed(because really she cannot?) Can all my African queens come out and help a sister out? Once I get bored of this straw set that cost me many hours and a couple of brain cells, what should I do next? And what is up with natural hair products being so damn expensive? Ama ninyoe tu? Lol! Decisions, decisions. There are those that predicted I would relax my hair again because that life is not easy. Haters. Lol.

All my naturalista sistas drop me suggestions below and help me figure out this whole natural hair life. I kinda like it, but I also kinda don’t get it.



Mwalimu Rachel.

-Africa’s Finest💋-

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  1. After watching Sheila Ndinda tutorials and downloading pdf’s from Tricia’s natural page on fb I started testing things on my hair. I had relaxed a very small portion at the front like two years ago because you know when you want to achieve a natural look when doing human hair weaves ( thank God for closures now) but the rest is natural. So I started with the green eco styler (sema nywele kuwa ngumu?) Anyway my journey hit a speed bump kidogo so I stuck to crotchet braids for a couple of months. Anyway I came across coconut eco styler gel and decided to try it out…. so nowadays I just wash my hair separate into medium sized sections, use leave in conditioner on both the scalp and hair itself to soften it a little. Then I use coconut oil make sure it spreads nicely kwa scalp especially. Finally I apply eco styler and make twists, or I use flexible rollers (Prefer twists coz its easier to sleep with them) put on a shower cap and sleep. In the morning I just undo the twists use a piece of stocking and bobby pins to make a bun and use aloe vera gel kulalisha side burns ooh and a tooth brush also helps apo kwa side burns.

    1. Thank you Val! You are a life saver. But I must ask…Weeeeh! hizo products zote? And procedures in the morning?!Will I make it? Lool!
      Takes me 2 hrs just to get ready minus the hair manenos. Now I will be waking up at 4am.Hahah! Thanks again! Must get that eco styler and flex rods.

      1. Hahaha achana ata na kuamka 4, my main problem is the twists, they don’t last as long, so I had to redo them again every night before sleeping (struggles) the results are amazing but biceps are formed in the process. About the products I tried with the small ones to see if they will work, shampoo I use dark and lovely au naturale, Mikala leave in conditioner, coconut oil I’ve been using since kitambo and the coconut eco styler I bought the small one, aloe vera gel I bought at a supermarket… am still new to this though, glad I could help

  2. I agree its kinda hard and easy at the same damn time.It also takes a lot of your confidence and the image.Speaking from my point of view,Wigs would actually work with me,Cause one you could explore different styles and bring a whole new portrait and I loved it cause we all love newy newy not certain hairstyles.Now,With low hair you are limited to a number of haistyle and that creates an obstacle not only to your hair explorations but also the full picture portrayed but I still love you just the way you are.My love for natural hair doesn’t change,I love touching natural hair cause mine is curly too (Like the Walaloes) and I get all kinda compliments that’s how I fell in love with hair.If I want a woman or need to keep a woman,hair to me counts 20% I know its weird but I love long natural hairs. Goodnight our bedtime hair hare story ends here.