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Things Women Hear That Men Never Will

Ladies, gather around! You should know that this month is dedicated to us! And no, this is not one of those scary feminist attempts… Ladies just need to be appreciated. There are so many things that women go through that men will never understand, also things that we will never comprehend about men. I mean really, think about it… Remember when you were a child and you were told, “That boy is just teasing you because he likes you”? Or that time you heard someone say “That woman is so angry, she needs to get laid”?

Well I came across this YouTube video that actually inspired this article; 48 Things Women Hear in a Lifetime (That Men Just Don’t).

  1. Don’t be so bossy/bitchy – Translate it to Kenyan lingo and it’s “Kua mpole madam!” I feel that when a man is told “Kua mpole” it’s often a joke or an attempt to keep him calm after being roused by something. When a woman is told those words, there is often a condescending tone to it – Don’t be so dramatic! You’re overreacting! And as a friend of mine loves to say “Calm your tits!” Is it just me that feels the difference?
  2. No guy wants to have sex with a virgin! – I was once told this… I was 17! And this was a guy I barely knew making me feel bad for not being sexually active! And I remember wondering why the hell this person was rushing me! He has no say in my life! How was it his business???!!!!
  3. Well what were you wearing that night? – This is a common question after a guy basically sexually harasses you. Isn’t it alarming that almost every (if not all) women have a story of a day someone touched them inappropriately or without their consent? Whether it’s groping your butt or saying random sexual stuff.
  4. You’d be much prettier if you smiled – Um… Okay… So I need to walk around with a huge smile on my face. Yes, I’m beautiful with a smile on, but I’m not less beautiful without it either!
  5. Your driving is kinda intimidating –  LOL! Are women supposed to drive different from men? People exclaim when a woman can quickly reverse into a tight parking spot. When she chooses to drive off, a man will almost always jump in to signal and help her reverse. It’s not a bad thing to help a woman out of her parking spot, but could you at least have faith that she can do it. Jump in when she ASKS for your help!

Anyway, those are just a few of the things I resonated with. Ladies, what things have you heard that you’re pretty sure a man never will? Get on social media and share with me, with the hashtags #IAmSuperWoman and #MRX.

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