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You Have to Sacrifice Something to be Successful

Sacrifice – When you give up something of value to get something even more valuable in the future. To get what you want in life, you often have to make sacrifices. You need to constantly let go of something to be successful and ensure you continue to advance or grow. Here are the top 7 things successful people often sacrifice.



You will never have enough time, so make use of it the best way you can. We all have the opportunity to use our time wisely. You need to learn to prioritize one task over another. If we don’t make better use of our time and achieve our small goals, we will never achieve the bigger ones that are most important.

Personal Life

When you are determined to succeed, you will make changes to your personal life. You don’t have to  neglect your loved ones. You can however weed out unnecessary encounters, outings and conversations. Learn to say ‘no’ to people or give up a night out with friends for the sake of your work or study. Think of your needs and let your loved ones know that you are doing what’s best.



There will be days when you will be stressed, tired and overworked more than others. You will question whether it is really worth it. Always remember that the path to success will never be easy. You will feel like you’re losing your mind at a point, and that’s okay. Do remember though to take a break when you can. Your mental and physical health is important.


When you are determined to achieve your goals, you might neglect your body and mind. You will eat less healthy and not have time to exercise. Though it can be understandable, ensure this is only a temporary solution. You need to live long enough to enjoy the returns of your hard work.



If you have something you know needs to get done and if is urgent then you will have to sacrifice a few hours of sleep. Again, this is not ideal if you’re doing it on the regular. Try your best to get enough rest – your body needs it.


If you are starting your own business then you will relate to this the most – You will have to sacrifice some of the comforts you are accustomed to. You will also have to be okay with the idea that you will not always have financial stability. Remember though, when you are down and in your lowest moment, there is no where else to go but up.

Immediate Desires

Call them distractions, temptations… the things you want right now. If you really think about it, sometimes our immediate desires make us procrastinate our bigger ambitions. Don’t check that Instagram feed or buy that meal you cannot really afford right now. Learn to prioritize the needs that propel you forward over the immediate desires that do not contribute to you long term goal.


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