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What a wonderful and productive month we have had! March, the #YouGoGirl! month was able to reach ladies from all over the globe each sharing their stories of strength, courage, and wisdom. Watch as Mwende Macharia shares her story of courage and why she is #SuperWoman. We were able to love ourselves and each other, lift each other up and be our sisters’ keepers. We also challenged ourselves, (just as Lyra Aoko challenged us not to conform), ended bad friendships-Bye Felicia! and celebrated the ones that build us #Bestie. During this time I have been able to look deep within myself. I have examined myself and what I am about, seen the areas I can be better and also appreciate the things I cannot change without making any apologies for it.

It is my sincere hope that you too, as a woman, whether young or young at heart, in whatever role you play in this movie called Life; have been able to benefit one way or the other from the articles posted here by myself, my sidekick, and even some of you- the readers. Watch here as Bree Mongina courageously opens up about her life.

As for the gents, we did not forget you either! Many articles we posted here were geared to help you understand us a little bit more; Like the things only we ladies hear that a man never will… and that way join in the quest for equality because yes, we need you. See how you can help here! We also highlighted the importance of us ladies being your support system because we are your BEST defense lawyers. See? WE LOVE YOU!

We at #MRX strive for better communication between both sexes that will foster a better understanding of things and why we are the way we are. So thank you for reading, for sharing, for posting, for participating in one way or the other.

As #YouGoGirl! month comes to an end, we march on to something new! Get ready because April will be the month of Financial Literacy. You don’t want to miss this, so stay close!

Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel


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