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Dress to impress…YOURSELF.

Once upon a time, I was in campus. The University Of Nairobi. I used to really bother about what I wore and how I looked going to the lecture halls. People always complimented me on how good I looked and could tell I put some thought into it. Granted it was to attract attention from the campus guys and show em what my mama gave me😜, but who cares about the details right? LOL.

Then I got my internship at Homeboyz Radio and day one yes, I dressed up. The trek back to my hostel was torturous though (you can imagine walking from Baricho to BOX-sides for Nairobi Primary in heels trying to save on fare) My dear it wasn’t funny.  So by the end of week 1, this is how I used to dress to work.


Ok. I exaggerate. Lol!

I kept telling myself, “I’m JUST an intern. Why dress up? No one even cares about how I dress or if I am even here. I don’t even have the money to look expensive. Ain’t nobody gat taahme!!” What I didn’t realise is that actually, people were noticing. Noticing that I didn’t care enough or bother about how I looked. Noticing that I really wasn’t ready to play the part of a presenter who looked good and sounded good as well. Noticing that enyewe, I really can’t be trusted with handling the BIG clients that sometimes came to the studio for a tour.

Bringing me to present time…

Oh and by the way my boss actually spoke to me about how I presented myself at the office and let’s just say as much as I hated the lecture because I thought he didn’t understand the strength of my pocket, I later on saw his point. Now I dress up everyday. Even before I got my car, I started dressing up. It wasn’t just so I could do what my boss asked of me, not only so that clients can see me, but mostly because dressing up for the office was beneficial to ME. How?

  1. Boosts my confidence. I look good therefore feel good and so even as I do my job, I slay. Twice.
  2. I can go anywhere last minute. Ever been pulled in for an important meeting event or sent to one elsewhere or even invited to a dressy event and you curse at why you didn’t dress up that day? Yeah. I learnt the hard way. In this media industry it doesn’t hurt to always be prepared.
  3. Being well dressed at the work place also enables me to face anyone and anything. I can easily hold a conversation with my bosses without me wishing I could just run away because my hair is a mess or I am wearing sandals and my toes are not looking their best. My mind is at the task in hand and nothing else. I will look at that client in the eye, I will be confident, and hence, memorable. And that is very important- you just never know when they will need an MC! Haha!
  4. Turning a few heads and getting compliments never hurt a lady. Married or otherwise.

So you see, whether you are a guy fresh from campo, a chic pale front desk at your organisation, a janitor, a bank teller, anything, start putting more thought into your dressing. More style, more colour, more personality. That is how you stand branding yourself as: that guy wa cool jackets, or that chille of stockings (good ones!lol!) Don’t be afraid to stand out because that is what shall make people remember you come the next project or meeting. There’s just something interesting/ different about you.

DISCLAIMER! Now of course in my industry we wear more make up and higher stilettos, so your work place will dictate to you the general look of what to wear. That being said however! Do not be afraid to push the boundaries. A colourful scarf today, a nice pin tomorrow, half jacket with a waist clock day after (even if it doesn’t work!) Have fun with how you look and sauce it up a bit! And remember, TOI MARKET and other mitumba stalls are your friends!! You don’t have to spend a boat load to look and ultimately FEEL good.



Mwalimu Rachel.


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