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Monday 5th October

Dear Diary.

Today was a day of firsts. First time in a long, long time that I have had to wake up at 4.30 AM, first time to fill in on the breakfast show, or any show for that matter. All I have ever known is Class 124! hahaha! That’s not necessarily a bad thing,  but I welcome change. When G Money pulled me to the side and asked me whether I was ready to cover for him on his breakfast show #GMITM as he went on many of his tours around the world for three weeks (I still don’t know how he is able to do that diary!) I will be honest with you, I was a bit nervous and felt like a newbie on radio all over again. I wasn’t about to let him see that though! Hell no! I immediately said YES and set the date. Lesson number one diary? Never EVER let them see you sweat. I live by this code… but you know this already.

So there I was at 4.56AM having snoozed that alarm a million times telling myself I had to wake up and get ready. Atito our company driver was picking me up at 5.15AM and if I was to go to the studio showered and not wearing my night gown then I had to wake up… REALLY wake up and get ready. In 10 minutes. Which I did. Well sort of. Changed my mind last minute about wearing heels because I wasn’t about to struggle with sleep and wearing my high heels and the anxiety of hosting the breakfast show all at once. I’m brave, not stupid lol.

Fast forward and there I was in studio with Calvin whom I have never had a show with, planning how we would “do our thing”. Plan seemed feasible and in no time, boom! mics go on and there I am saying good morning to the world. I must admit dear diary, it was odd at first but as the morning rolled on and we got to the moment of meditation, I had taken to it like the Tilapia in Lake Victoria (yuuum…I love fish. Coconut fish to be exact… but I digress.) Shout out to Calvin by the way holding my hand through it. I did slip and say good afternoon once though haha! was bound to happen though!

The moment of meditation spoke volumes to me. If you go to God with a thimble, you will leave with a thimbleful. Meaning, do not limit God and go before Him in prayer to just sort out your immediate situation and ask for that little thing. Instead, go all out and ask for the biggest share! Why? Because you will receive what you ask for. And to that I say amen!

Before I knew it, we were trending on Kenya trends with that hash tag #MRITM (Mwalimu Rachel In The Morning) and it was 10AM. I was done! And the show was over! Hurray! lol! It was now time for some well deserved samosas for breakfast as I planned on how to go to the garage and  to check up on my car- Scarlett. Yes, that is her name. She’s a red beauty, and I miss her.

Have I shared with you my matatu chronicles, diary? No? Well! That my friend is coming soon…In photos and video.

Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel.

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