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The Real Valentines Story.

Happy Valentines day to you! As I sit here listening to Joe and Lionel Richie and sipping on my red wine, (child it’s about to go doooooown!lol!) I am reminded of the fact that not everyone will be having breakfast with bae in the morning, won’t be receiving that naughty text or phone call or even be saying the words “happy valentines” today. That shouldn’t get you down though! Love yourself! Treat yourself right like what I said HERE!!

Earlier on though as I saw my son FINALLY give in to sleep, an idea struck me to share with you the REAL Valentines Story. Observe the pictures below…

IMG_9543          IMG_9545

Meet Carcos. A wide eyed turtle with the brightest smile I have ever seen on a stuffed animal. My husband and I named him Carlos but Jabari decided to remix the name. So we just went with it. We bought Carcos when Jabari was a little baby and they have since been joined at the hip (as Stuck On You by Lionel plays in the back ground.). We never really knew whether Carcos was male or female to be honest…Lol. I mean it’s a turtle but those eyelashes man… I dunno… But let’s not complicate issues here. Jabari LOVES his best friend. Can’t go to bed without him by his side. Faced with any tense moment like when I want to snip his finger nails, he will demand Carcos be at his side. They are buds in a way I can’t even describe. I know there will come a time Jabz will outgrow Carcos though, sadly. But that’s how love goes sometimes. Maybe he will get another stuffed character to walk with, to tell good night to and play with, but I bet he will always remember that wide eyed little turtle he once called friend.

It could be this red wine getting to me head but do we remember our very first valentine? Their name? The message they wrote on the card? Where we went out? Hmmm…

Ah well. Back to reality. Enjoy Valentines day. Whether with bae or rolling solo, don’t let it be just another day. Do something special. Have a blast!

Ever seen my boy in his element though? LOL!  Watch here. Such a character this boy. Wonder where he gets it from 🙂

Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel


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