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#MatatuMadness: A Matatu With A Fridge?? Really?

Mary Gioche

By: Mary Gioche

IG: Mary_Gioche
FB: Angelina Mary

Last week I was talking to a friend who was telling me that one of the matatus that go to her place has a fridge inside and there is a place to dance if you feel tired after a long day. Like has it gone this far? The only mistake you would do is to give the conductor a thousand shillings yet the fare is KSH30 it is either you are going to wait for several minutes or utasikia “Mami unataka change itoke wapi?” Followed by a look you don’t want to ever be given by any human on earth or if you are unlucky enough you will not see the one you gave the money to and all in the matatu will become passengers even the one who begged you to enter the “ndege ya angani” but do we say? This is one industry we have to have in Kenya.
MMM_ Monday Matatu Madness: This is a day I would bribe God to allow me to skip. I have not done enough research to know if the matatu industry has a whatsapp group that plans to ruin everyone’s Monday morning or what. The worse comes to the worst when there is pastor in front there or a man selling translation books yaani you can not even lie to your boss that you are in the elevator going to the office, bearing in mind that the matatu next to yours has put the loudest music with a conductor who has dyed his hair purple and geeks as big as his head. Hooting becomes like music till you get to your destination and all you can do is to say a short prayer when your reach, and settle down for an hour to confirm you have not gone crazy!


Oh wow! What a funny story Mary!LOL! Please tell your friend to introduce me to this matatu that has a fridge!Thank you for sharing.

-Mwalimu Rachel.

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