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The F Word Women Are Afraid Of

I am a woman and I won’t lie… I am afraid of the F word being thrown at me. By F-word, I mean Feminist. There are so many reasons women are afraid of being labelled feminists. To the world, being a feminist means you “hate men”, have “vowed to never have sex” and are “constantly angry at the world”.

Feminism comes in many forms. But let’s assume that all the usual stereotypes about being a Feminist are true, and let me speak for me and a couple of women…

I want to be independent, be able to make my own money without having to work twice as hard as a man to prove that I’m also capable of the job. However, I also want to have a man’s shoulder to lean on after a tough day at work. I want to be able to consult with my man, before I make a decision. This is not because I am incapable of making my own decisions. It’s because I would like to hear his opinion.

I want to be passionate about my career. I want to experience what it feels like to be a mover or a shaker in this country of ours. That does not mean that I do not want a family, that I will get home to. That does not mean that I do not want to cook a meal that my family will look forward to.

I want to be able to make a move on a guy without being labelled a whore… I want to converse with a guy without having to worry about random inappropriate sexual innuendos. That does not mean I don’t appreciate being hit on…

I could yap on about the things I want as a “Feminist” that do not take away from my being a woman… But I will let this video do the speaking for me. It’s pretty funny, by the way. In it, Roxane Gay explains why she is a “Bad Feminist” – I love the part where she says “When I drive to work, I listen to thuggish rap at a very loud volume, even though the lyrics are degrading to women and offend me to my core. The classic Ying Yang Twins song Salt Shaker? It’s amazing. “B**** you gotta shake it till your camel starts to hurt.”

Moral of the story? To be a feminist, you don’t have to be a man-hating sexless b****… No! You just have to be a woman who doesn’t want to be treated like sh-t.


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