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How Did I Get Here?!

Monday 26th October 2015.

Dear Diary

This weekend flew by so fast! Gosh! Like what the hell?! One minute I’m there with my squaaaad (haha!) at the exclusive Dru Hill meet and greet cocktail on Friday, the next we’re singing (OK, more like screaming) along to their songs back to back at the concert on Saturday night (check out that amazing performance by my squaaad and I!!) then here I am looking at my spending tracker as I prepare to go back to hosting Class 124; which I have missed! I mean, don’t get me wrong diary, I really enjoyed hosting the breakfast show while G Money was away, and I am glad I challenged myself, but yo! that waking up at 4.30 AM business is cray. I tried. I wish I could have it both. Wake up at say 7 AM and be done with work 3 hours later then have the rest of the day to do whatever. I am reminded though of a saying… something about a cake (or were they two?) and not being able to eat them or something like that. Don’t even get me started on the confusion there.

So yes, that spending tracker… What!!? Centonomy will either make me or break me, I swear. It has so far been 4 weeks of Centonomy- a 10 week course on Personal Financial Freedom. I am learning about money. Where it all goes after pay day and how to manage it. I have had to learn about inflation, interest rates, mortgages, how to do all those calculations and I’ll be honest with you diary, I feel overwhelmed. My spending has been in check (kinda, sorta) in the past but could be better, but damn! all these calculations are just frustrating at this point in time. Just thinking about it makes me feel defeated. I really don’t like math! The theory part of centonomy is fun and fantastic but that math!! *Sigh* Can we catch a break now diary to sing along to Don’t Let Go by En Vogue? Let’s do that, to remind ourselves not to give up on math! Or anything else for that matter. PRESS PLAY then come back!

So? Don’t you wanna be more than friends mathematics? Huh? dont’cha? Lol!

I will push on no matter what diary, because I was not born to fail. So as I continue to track every shilling I spend and work out calculations to do with percentages, inflation and interest rates e.t.c, I shall stay true to that other voice in my head that may be faint now but always rings on and on telling me I shall emerge a victor. You know who else are victors diary? Dru Hill. See how it went down…and by down I mean how my squad and I had our own karaoke session at the concert. Oh sorry…I mean at the best.concert.ever. Watch more videos from the Dru Hill Concert HERE!

Love. Live. Learn
Mwalimu Rachel.

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