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How to turn your dreams to goals? Here are 10 Steps

“Goals are Dreams with Deadlines” – Diana Scharf

Someone once told me that a dream without a timeline is just a dream; it will never come into fruition. I often hear those words in my head whenever I think of where I would like to see myself in the future. So how do you turn your dreams into actual goals? If you’re like me and would like to see your dreams become reality, here are 10 steps to use.

STEP 1 – Stop daydreaming

Sure, your dreams are fantastic when you think about them. You imagine yourself going on holiday to Diani, and you feel all kinds of warmness on the inside. You get excited thinking about working in a specific company or starting your own business. The only problem is you’re in your head too much! It’s time to get the dream out of your head and make it tangible.

  • Write it down.
  • Tell your close friends and family about it.
  • Think about the ways you can turn the dream into something real.


Don’t let your dreams sound vague. Give your dream a name and a timing. Giving it a name will turn it into something you can actually work toward, while a deadline helps you keep track of your progress. So instead of saying “I would like to be a musician one day”, say “I want to have a song recorded and published by the end of next year.”

  • List specific goals
  • Give a rough timeline.
  • Allow some flexibility with your dates so that you’re not discouraged when timing is off.
  • Read, learn and listen to everything you can possibly get your hands on that’s related to your goal.
  • Talk to people who have had similar experiences.
  • Never stop asking questions.

STEP 3 – Break it down

This is important, especially if you do not want to feel overwhelmed by how big your goals are. If you feel your goal is too big and ambitious, breaking your goal into smaller goals keeps you motivated to work through a list of items that can be easily accomplished.

  • Identifying what you need to achieve your big goal
  • Create smaller tasks that will contribute to the larger picture.

STEP 4 – Prepare to make sacrifices

Every goal, whether big or small, requires one to make a sacrifice. You might have to spend less time going out with your friends, you might have to work on weekends or getting up earlier than usual.

  • Figure out what will prevent you from achieving your goal. Get rid of or manage it.

STEP 5 – Get aggressive

Don’t allow yourself to just sit back, relax and wait for things to happen. If you are on your way to your goal, you need an aggressive go-getter attitude. Take part in activities that put you in this mindset and gives you the energy.

  • Hit the gym
  • Watch motivational videos/Read motivational books
  • Have inspirational conversations with friends


We are often eager to know our strengths but then shy away from accepting our weaknesses. The thing is you can use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses.

  • Pinpoint the areas that need improvement.
  • Ask others to be honest and tell you where you fall short.
  • Ask specific questions, which will help you better understand exactly how you can improve.


It’s good to focus on achieving your goal. However don’t step on people’s toes while you’re on your journey. Also, do not become so focused that you neglect the people around you. In both your work life and home life, someone can always use your help.

  • Remember that when you are eager to help, someone will often want to return the favour.
  • Don’t sacrifice your own projects to lend a hand. Instead, finish what needs to be done and offer extra time in your schedule to help out.

Step 8 – Ignore the haters

When you are making a real difference, you will definitely have  lot of people doubting you. The haters will instil fear in you and tell you why what you’re trying to accomplish will never work.

  • Don’t second-guess yourself.
  • Stop worrying about everyone else.
  • Give yourself the freedom and space to create something amazing.
  • Remember what’s best for you. Keep your beliefs and values in mind.

Step 9 – Remember you can’t do it all on your own

Real goals are never achieved overnight. However, if you work with other people, you will get there a lot more faster.

  • There will be things you will have to do on your own, but do let others assist you whenever it’s possible.

Step 10 – Remember failure is not the end

The odds of failing in your venture do exist. This however shouldn’t stop you from trying.

  • Do not live life with a huge looming “What-if?”
  • Remember if you never try, you’ve already failed.
  • Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen if you fail”
  • Failure might be what you need to succeed.


What dreams are you hoping to turn into goals?

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