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This woman holds me DOWN YO!

There was a debate I witnessed some time back amongst my girls:  Who do you value more? The hubby or the househelp? One argued the man is more important; I mean he is the father and provider of the home. The other refused vehemently and said a good house help is every mother’s dream. With that woman by her side, she can rest easy, she can conquer the world.

It made me think people!

Let me introduce you to the woman I trust my household with. I met her 5 years ago through a referral and our relationship blossomed. Joyce. A 5 foot 2 inches tall, chocolate skinned lady in her late 30’s, who loves to tell stories (and gossip! just like me! lol!) and has a delightful laugh. She has such a motherly demeanor that makes me see and accord her the same respect as my mother.

When she first came to my home I told her how I like things done and I have never had to repeat myself. I have never planned her time and what comes first on the list: Is it to wash dishes first? Clean the sitting room? Joyce plans herself yaani anajipanga and she nails it every single time. If she says  “Today I won’t wash clothes because I am doing thorough cleaning of the house”  well then she has spoken! Nguo zitangoja. Yaani she is so organized.

Joyce always asks me what I would like for breakfast, packs me lunch (she even knows my portion) and sends me out with blessings. She is always thinking ahead in terms of money and once even approached me with a catering business idea. Man… I found an angel.

Because of the woman I am, I clean my own room, make my own bed and wash my own inner wears. There’s respect that comes with that. She even told me. “Mama Jabari nimekuheshimu sana vile unajifanyia vitu zengine. Kwanza siku ya kwanza vile uliniambia unajioshea bedroom na vitu zengine, nilijua tutaelewana.” (take note fellow home makers!)

One day Joyce missed work and didn’t call to explain. Very uncharacteristic of her. Naturally, I got worried and called her. Mteja. Sigh! Very characteristic of her, lol. The next day she came and I asked what happened. She had a new born so I thought it was the baby who was ill. She looked at me and went on to narrate how she had been robbed.

“Sii unajua tu mambo ya Kibera mama Jabari? Wamenifagilia nyumba”  My heart sank.. I looked at her. She is such a strong woman aki. She was sad about the ordeal, she had cried the whole night before but she dusted herself up and showed up to work. Mimi ningesema tu I need 1 month of therapy and more months to get my life back in order but not Joyce.

“Say no more Joyce. Let me help. “  I proceeded to give her a mattress, some utensils and other things she needed plus fare. We had passed that threshold where we see each other as only employer and employee. She my side kick. My right hand. Yaani I know that if I have beef in these streets? Joyce will jump in and go to war, no questions asked. Do you know how hard it is to find a LOYAL help/ friend like that? Hata huelewi.  I would comfortably leave her my household to watch over. Kwanza, I have in the past. What I love about Joyce (and there are many reasons) is that she appreciates and doesn’t judge my grind. I have had other helps in the past who would ask : “Ai…sii ulichelewa sana juzi? Ati tena unasafiri? Ei! Unaenda club?”  Joyce just gets it man. Waaah! It’s like she has that look for: Go get ‘em girl. You’ve got this. I got your back.

Aaah when you have such a strong support system from your hubby to your house manager, how can you NOT succeed? HOW?

This post is dedicated to Joyce.  You will probably never see this  mami, but nakupenda sana. But nishawahi kuambia. Today Joyce bought me a strapless bra and a corset. She spent her money to get me those gifts. Almost cried bana.

Why am I telling you all this?

  1. To show off my house manager looooool! (Pray you get you a Joyce if you don’t have one)
  2. To tell of the importance of taking care and respecting these women who step in for us to cook, clean and care for our kids, and household and do it bila judgement. Pay them well, and when you have extra, mpe tu.
  3. To celebrate these strong women that are sometimes ignored.

Do you have a “Joyce?” Facing challenges with yours? Mimi pia nimejionea and when I found Joyce, I told her akicheza, I will marry her. Haha! Share your story below! Wamama wajitokeze tusaidiane na advice!

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