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#GetMwalimuVerified. And Then What?

23rd February 2016.

Dear Diary,

I make this entry today super stoked at the fact that I have trended top on twitter Kenya trends for hours. In fact as I write this #GetMwalimuVerified is still trending. Now am I one of those people who need to trend everyday for validation diary? Not at all. And if I was one of those I wouldn’t shy away from it. Lol. Today I was on a mission. To get twitter to verify my account and get that legit blue tick. Why? I will explain a bit. Allow me to first explain why the hashtag.


1. I wanted to tell a story. I am a BIG believer of going for what you want. You may start out alone in that dream but others may believe in it as well and help out. Regardless of whether I was going to trend or not (with 90% hope that I would, lol!) I knew someone would take notice and appreciate my story of faith and perseverance. The audacity of hope- in the words of Obama. I wanted to leave a mark on these twitter streets with a statement that even in our daily lives, be a GO GETTER. Don’t always sit back and wait. Even when it seems crazy, silly, unachievable and difficult at first, push and follow through. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Did I fear? YES! That people would laugh and ridicule me, others would troll me, and mock me as we know these streets to be sometimes. But I did it anyway.

2. I wanted to get the support of #KOT. If you want to gain support from anyone, you must have an agenda. A goal, a reason. I wanted KOT to help me get my agenda out there because I knew it would be a team effort. I am never too proud to ask for help, which I did, and #KOT came though for me in a BIG WAY!

3. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Like I said, I don’t do this everyday unless I am pushing a certain product that has been paid for on my social media pages or a talking point on radio. I wanted to see if I could be “selfish” and flex my influence on twitter. From the results, I see where I stand.

4. I want my account verified. Simple.

So why is that blue tick important to ME?

-So my followers, clients overall corporates know my legit account. It is inevitable, and almost  flattering that with time, Mwalimu Rachel parody accounts will pop up. There is already one that I know of and so I want my account verified so no one gets lost in their quest to reach me. I value the interaction and questions posed to me by my audience and want to protect that.
-To be taken seriously. There is a level of respect one earns on these social media streets once your account gets verified. And I want that for my side hustles.

Now you know what my plan was diary. I certainly did not expect the support from other BIG WIGS on twitter take a look below!

IMG_0033         IMG_0035





Here now is a message from Jabari and I to say thank you! Click the centre and play!

Thank you #KOT 😊😊😊 check out the whole story on my website! Link in bio.

A video posted by Mwalimu Rachel (@theemwalimurachel) on

  Another message to twitter bosses…lol.

A message to twitter #GetMwalimuVerified 😊😊😊😊 A video posted by Mwalimu Rachel (@theemwalimurachel) on

Just goes to show us whatever we put our minds to as Kenyans, we can achieve. I hope someone get’s inspired by my efforts today! Bless.



Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel


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