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Enjoy Life! 5 Simple Ways To “Get Away”

Life – It is short. While you can, you need to take the time to slow down and enjoy life. Here are a couple of simple ways you can do that. Best thing is they are VERY affordable – so you don’t have to fatten your wallet to “get away”.

1- Be alone with Nature

There is something serene about being somewhere where there is a lot of green. The air feels fresher, and the sound of nature just calms you down.

enjoy life
The Nairobi Arboretum


Go relax at the Nairobi Arboretum. Take a hike at the Karura Forest. If you’d like to see animals, try the Nairobi National Park. If you don’t want to go anywhere, take a moment to gaze at the clouds or the stars. In fact, cloud-gazing is said to be one of the many things that help relieve stress and anxiety.

2- Have a Moment of Silence

There is so much noise around us. There is advertisements everywhere, loud music in matatus, phone calls you have to take and make… even your brain makes noise, constantly throwing random thoughts around.

enjoy life - meditate

If you can, find a place with minimal interruptions and just have 5 minutes to yourself. Listen to your heartbeat, sit still and feel what your body is telling you. If there is noise, don’t worry – just take a moment to silently acknowledge it’s existence without paying too much attention to it.

Here’s a little something to help you – Headspace is an app that helps you learn to treat your mind right by meditating.

3 – Do What You Love

We all have creative gifts. Thing is not everyone notices theirs and there are those who do not try to develop it. There is something therapeutic about indulging in something you love to do. Read a book, go swimming, draw, paint, model, sing, dance, do something that makes your heart skip a beat!

enjoy life - read a book

4. Appreciate the taste of what you eat

Take more time to appreciate good food. When you’re cooking, enjoy the process. If you don’t trust your cooking skills, treat yourself to a nice affordable meal at a nice restaurant. When you do eat your food, enjoy every single bite.

Enjoy Life - Love your food

When you learn to appreciate the little things you do, it gets easier to be happier about your life. A little positivity is good for the soul.

5. Exercise for just 7 minutes

You have 7 minutes to spare, right? Never underestimate the power of exercising. It is proven to be powerful enough to manage depression, even when you do it for as little as 7 minutes a day. It helps you relax better, increases your brain power and improves your body image.


Have a happier life!

If you have more happiness tips, do share them with me! Comment below or find me on Twitter.

Peace out,

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