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8 Ways to Improve Yourself in 2017

Still don’t have a new year’s resolution? Not everyone sets yearly goals. Some people think it is a fruitless attempt. Others just don’t know what to expect for themselves in the coming years. If you’re still wondering what to do this year, here are 8 ways you can improve yourself in 2017.

1 – Have a weekly exercise routine:

It goes without saying that exercise will make you healthy. You’ll also be in a better state of mind as your brain functions will be improved. A healthy body and mind will definitely make 2017 a year you will never forget.

2 – Learn a new language:

Improve yourself by learning a new language. Taking the time to do so will open up a whole new world of job opportunities. I will also give your brain the boost it just might need to improve your memory, increase your attention span and reduce cognitive decline. Also it just might be a challenge you’ll enjoy overcoming this year.

3 – Quit a bad habit:

Some people take a new year as an opportunity to take on healthier habits, others decide to quit a bad one. The most common ones  include stopping smoking, being a spendthrift, being a procrastinator and reducing stress. You’re in a position to know what you’re doing wrong and why you need to quit that bad habit.

4 – Watch a lot less TV, movies and series:

I know there’s nothing better than a lazy weekend binge-watching a hot series. Actually, WRONG! There are a lot more things you could do with your time. You can create more social interactions to increase your own networks. Also, we already sit down too much, with some of us working at a desk every weekday from 9-5, then getting back home to sit some more! It’s unhealthy. Go for a walk/run, go swimming, do something out of your comfort zone…

5 – Pick a new hobby:

Getting a hobby will improve the quality of your life. Hobbies are a great way to spend your time better, learn new things and gain new experiences. Besides, you new hobby just might turn into a means to make extra money and have fun while doing it!

6 – Let go of the past:

Sometimes we’re unable to progress when we hold on to things that happened in the past. Maybe you don’t need to set a new goal or challenge that involves gaining new skills or habits. 2017 could be the year you start afresh, but it starts with you letting go of everything wrong that happened in 2016.

7 – Avoid negative people:

Negative people can suck the life out of everything. They could make you feel demeaned, unsafe, on guard and they could kill your energy. If you’d like to have a more positive outlook on life, it’s time you cut out negativity from your life.

8 – Identify your strengths and weaknesses:

You can leverage your strengths and use them to improve yourself further. On the other hand, your weaknesses are not your downfall, and are not necessarily something you lack. In order to use your strengths to your advantage and improve your weaknesses, you need to first know them. Dedicate this year to truly understanding yourself.

Have a Happy New Year, and I do wish you the best. At the end of this year, I do hope you will have a great sense of personal growth.


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  1. prior to reading this, i did not have any well-established and thought off new year resolutions. I hope you dont mind me using these 8 as my 2017 resolutions?!