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one click destroyed my life.

“Friends, Romans, Kenyans, countrymen, lend me your ears!”

(Shakespeare anyone?)

Brethren, wapendwa! Nimeona wiki mrefu sana. I have had a long week. All started on Sunday when I returned from Kisumu and was eager to upload the videos I had edited about the Mombasa summit. I have like a mini series I have been doing on the Safaricom Blaze summits that I have been MCeeing at.

Check out the series HERE!

So there I was, at home in my dira my laptop on my lap (hehe, like duh!) turned on and everything (the laptop! Not me!)  Was about to go to my iMovie app but then that update pop up was bugging me. The new OS-Sierra was begging to be installed. I had been procrastinating on it but now decided to update the OS. Mimi huyooo! Clicked update. And that was when my troubles started.

At this time, I knew my internal storage was running low. My MacBook had told me so earlier on in the week.

“Would this pose a problem if I install Sierra now? Ah. Lemme just do it and see.”

So far it seemed to be installing just fine. But wait, why has it been on that percentage for long? It’s stuck at that level! I even zoomed in to have a closer look.


“Yup! It’s stuck!” That’s when I got a sick feeling in my stomach. Frustration set in. Panic came knocking. Then stupid entered. Stupid gave me the idea to force shut down my laptop to make it all stop. Make it all go away and start over. A clean slate! I wasn’t listening to logic who told me to wait. To be patient. Stupid was much much louder! And so I DID IT. Shut everything down.

The screen went blank, all was quiet. Except my heart. It was pounding louder than the Serengeti drums. (Is there such a thing? Serengeti drums?) 😂 😂

Then I switched it on. “Please work! Please work! Lord Jesus help me. Better yet, Morpheus, heck I call upon Neo The Lord of the Matrix. Please let all be well!”

It came on. Seemed to be fine. I smiled. Enter password-I did. That is when I knew Neo, Morpheus, Lord Shiva, the gods of the Matrix, all of them, had forsaken me. This is what I saw and my world collapsed.

image blurred so that I'm not hacked! lol. Paranoid
image blurred so I’m not hacked! lol. Paranoid

“Wombolombooooo! I am done! I am finished! My enemies have won! Good bye cruel world!” I started shedding tears. As if in disbelief, I tried it again! Shut down the computer and turned it on again and entered my password. The exact same thing showed up on the screen then quickly disappeared. I must have tried that move at least twenty times before I gave up. My heart couldn’t take it anymore. I went to bed and had nightmares of being chased by those guys in suits wearing dark sunglasses in the Matrix movie. Not even cute Neo helped. Worst night ever.

Fast forward to today. (Ain’t trying to write a novel here! lol!) My baby is back in action. My good friend who is a guru at computers was able to bring her back to life. God bless him! I had missed updating my YouTube channel-Mwalimu Rachel Tv and website. WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS!

I have learnt very important lessons in all of this.

  1. Get an external hard disc. (My son reverses the c and s and totally changes the meaning but it’s too funny!) Got a 1TB; that way I can back up files like my movies and stuff when space is running low on my Mac.
  2. Patience is key! I should have just waited until the next morning to see what would happen. Maybe Sierra would have installed and all this would have been avoided.
  3. Shutting down is not always the solution! Internet isn’t working- restart the machine. Can’t find this file- restart. This thingy isn’t installing fast enough-restart. Machine isn’t coming on- have you tried restarting it? hahaha! Staaaap. You will damage your machine if you keep confusing it with instructions.
  4. The Matrix exists. I have seen it with my own eyes people! And so if I have seen the other side, have the guys in suits seen me too?

Let’s ponder on that… 😒 😓 😳 😱

What dumb thing did you do to your computer out of panic? Hola on the comments box below. I know I am not alone!


Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel.


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  1. Hawa wenzako!

    Car calamity

    An electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and software engineer are on their way to a trade show when their car stalls and they are forced to pull over to the side of the road.

    The mechanical engineer says, “It’s probably a mechanical problem. I’ll get my tool box out of the trunk and I can fix it.”

    The electrical engineer says, “No, I’ll bet it’s an electrical problem. I have my multimeter with me and I’ll go check it out.”

    Finally, the software engineer says, “I have the solution! Let’s all get out of the car and then get back in. I’ll bet we’ll be back on the road in no time.”