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So What Extraordinary Thing does MRX Media do?

If you have been faithfully following Mwalimu Rachel, you have slowly watched the fruition of her company, MRX Media LTD.

Mwalimu shared her excitement when she registered MRX (meaning Mwalimu Rachel Experience). Pretty soon after, her team started growing – hiring a Project Manager, A Social Media Manager and an Admin Assistant. There has been a lot of noise about this new endeavor.

So what exactly does MRX Media LTD do?


Think of MRX as Mwalimu Rachel’s baby. A baby will take it’s parent’s features and genes. MRX is basically a mini-Rachel that is out here growing to its full potential, it’s potential being to inspire the youth. We as the youth in Kenya have a spark in us that older generations are starting to take note of. We always aspire to be more, to have more – a hot ride, a great job, a huge paycheck, a comfortable house… we dream of what could be in the future.

While we dream, we hustle in our own ways. A great number of us are finding and even creating opportunities for ourselves. It is this determination that MRX Media would like to contribute to. MRX is here to inspire the youth to be more.

That’s not the only thing that MRX does. Mini-Rachel taps into the knowledge garnered from close to 10 years of experience on Radio, speaking to the youth. A lot of companies are struggling to grasp the attention of the millennial. That’s because when you are young, you have no loyalties, no commitments. Brands would like to be in your mind. MRX is the solution that will help brands create concepts that are actually interesting, in the process connecting these brands to the elusive youth.

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