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You Need to Stop Telling Yourself These Lies

We have voices in our heads. Sometimes these voices tell us things that make us feel confident in ourselves. Other times they fill us with unfounded presumptions that make us afraid to take initiative. The inner critic, if not dealt with, can stop you from achieving your life-goals. Here are lies you need to stop telling yourself so as to be able to stop doubting yourself.

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LIE #1: You are not good enough

It doesn’t matter if someone actually told you this in the past. It is not true. Sure, you’ve made mistakes that resulted in tough-to-take consequences. This does not mean you are not enough. There is always room to improve yourself so as to be a better version of you.

So start telling yourself that you are good enough; strong enough, beautiful enough, smart enough… For your life to get better, you need to believe in yourself.

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LIE #2: You do not deserve to be happy

This is the worst lie you tell yourself – because it is a silly lie. We all deserve to be happy. However you cannot be happy for as long as you hold on to this lie. In fact, happiness comes when you actually expect it. You will never be happy if you keep resisting it with such negative thoughts. Invite happiness into your life.

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LIE #3: You are not unique

You’re probably tired of hearing the cliche motivational phrase – The one that goes like “You are born with unique fingerprints”. You are also born with your own unique voice! If you were born different from everyone else, you are special enough to do your own unique thing. Exploit this fact and enjoy using it to your advantage.


Time and time again, people have achieved the impossible. Don’t let anyone, even yourself, tell you that your ambitions are impractical. You do not need anyone’s permission to defy the norms, break the rules and chart your own path. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from or the circumstance you in. Be that go-getter, and you will create a legacy – one that will inspire others.

LIE #5: Your circumstances dictate YOUR SUCCESS

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you’re going through right now. Leave your ghosts in the past, do not let them haunt your present and future. Even if you did fail in the past, leave that where it belongs, in the past.

Look into just about ANY success story, and you’ll notice one thing in common: Those people did not let any obstacle deter them from working towards their goals.

LIE #6: You are not worthy of wealth

Wealth is relative; it could be with regards to finances, friends, inner peace, etc. Whatever you consider most important, you do deserve it. How you feel about wealth will affect your confidence in yourself and others. The more positive your notions are about wealth, the more you’ll attract opportunities to create it.


The next time you doubt yourself or are having negative thoughts, do these 3 things:

  1. Ask yourself questions. Is what you’re thinking really true? Is there evidence that proves that your assumptions are true?
  2. Analyze the scenario that triggered your thoughts and find out if there is there something you can do to change/correct it.
  3. If you can change the scenario, then change it. If it cannot be changed, gather any lesson you can and shelf the scenario in the past. Forget it and move on.

All in all, it starts with you not paying attention to the critic in your head. Once you do, you won’t believe all the things you’ll be able to do.


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