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Hii Njaanuary Iishe! I miss Buying Stuff Just Because!

Dear Diary:

Ever woken up on the good, I mean really good side of the bed? Sun was out, you didn’t have to snooze your alarm 1000 times, had the best shower ever, got your favorite seat in the mat that was just waiting for you at the stage, there was no jam, did your job well, even got congratulated for it…Wauuuu! I call this “when all the stars align” day and it only comes by once in a whiiiiiiile.


At the end of your shift you kinda feel like you should reward yourself. Like you should buy yourself something. Anything really that will make you happy and continue on your high. Either utapitia Toi market or Ngara, or get inside that Bata shop and get you a pair of boots you’ve been eyeing. I mean, siku ilianza poa so why not end it on a good note?

I miss that.

I miss the “just because” goodies I used to buy for myself. And I think the reason why I stopped getting myself those things is because I overthink it (njaanuary does this to you doesn’t it?) Now, it has to be somehow linked to a reason. Is it an investment? Can I use it at work? Will it help me at work and home? Is it durable? Good God does it come with a WARRANTY AT LEAST? Hahahaha. See what I mean? There’s also the fear of going beyond the threshold. How will I know if it’s no longer a small reward and is now extravagance? How can YOU tell?

And what if the stars align again and again that same week? Sii I will spend all my Njaanuary survival money in the name of rewarding myself? Loool! I’m sure you have a story or two to tell me about this kind of spending. Do you just go with the flow and how you feel? Do you have to plan and stick to the plan even if you feel like shopping everyday? Are you an over thinker like me who sometimes has to find a reason to buy something? Ever had a shopping problem or still do? Tell me about it. It could set me straight!


Mwalimu Rachel

  -Africa’s Finest-💋

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  1. Mwalimu, saa zingine heri kupractise delayed gratification irregardless of event(in this case, Njaanuary) …unazitally up for the whole month alafu unajipatia one day ya kuredeem…guilt free!