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March. The “YOU GO GIRL!” Month.

First off, notice the change in color on the site? The hot pink? Yeah, that’s deliberate. To signify a change that is already here. New month, new theme! Are you ready?

Yes, our theme for March is “You Go Girl!”. A phase meant to push us as girls, ladies, mummies, forward. To encourage one another, to inspire and empower one another. To support and lift one another.

In this “You go girl!” month, we shall have different features that will show different sides to a girl and why she is superwoman. We will not leave you the fellas behind either! We will highlight why you are our rock and why we need your support in matters that concern us so please don’t feel left out! We will recognize, salute and award girls who have paved the way for other girls, or are leaving a mark in different fields and in so doing champion them, make them feel appreciated and urge them to “go on girl!”. We will grow, become more courageous, overcome our struggles or at least start, and be that light for other girls.

Join me then as we embark on this new journey.


“You Go Girl!” You’re pretty awesome.


Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel


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