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Someone asked me…

“What makes you tick as a media personality, your versatility and how do you cope with it as a lady?”

Well, Slimme Shady on FB, (Lol! That name though!) I am about to answer your question!

You need to first know the kind of person I am before knowing my media personality. Both are really the same. What you hear on Homeboyz Radio everyday is who I am everywhere I go.

I am a go getter.

I have always had a fire in my gut that made me know I was destined for greatness. So hot this fire burned that I used to cry at night at just how badly I wanted to be in the media industry. I can’t explain it.


What makes me tick is that HUNGER to do more and do better no matter what.

The fact that I have come this far makes me very cautious not to drop the ball. Surely after working so hard in the beginning and laying that foundation, why would I get sloppy and not do the research I should or not care about the time I walked into the studio or MC-eeing gig, or party all night long without caring about the time I should be in studio the next day? I take my job very seriously. Sitaki kurudishwa Embu mikono mitupu like…


Some say I am a perfectionist… a lil’ freak haha! I just pay attention to the littlest of detail and whatever I say I will do, for sure I do it. It bothers me to the core if I am not able to complete a task. Maybe I dwell on things a little too much. Lol.

I love being happy.

Happy times with fam! My two sisters on my left, Dj Burn and Wendy on my right.

I really, really do! I mean I laugh a lot- genuinely laugh a lot, because I love the feeling! Does that make sense? That happiness is what you hear on radio or see on TV or on a stage somewhere. Life’s too short for anyone to be grumpy.

I also love people. I meet many people from diverse walks of life and I am always eager to know more about them. That human connection is very important to me. Whether you are an interviewee or not.

Quick Fire! At Unilever Head Quarters as their MC.


Thanks for noticing that I am versatile! This is one of the traits I always thank God for. Exposure is very important in my line of work. Exposure to information, people, places, food, name it!  When I was at Ghetto Radio (as their FIRST intern…very proud of that fact) I was taken to the other side of town where many ladies probably wouldn’t dare venture. For me to understand the station sound, I had to meet the audience! I learned some shen’g here and there (can’t boast about it though, not the best!) and that taught me no matter how different our backgrounds, we all have things that connect us. Love, desire, even fear. So I look past the outside appearance and try to tap into the core. That way no one feels judged. Once you are versatile, you can adapt to any people or situation. Life becomes simpler that way and you get to enjoy it more! I love to have fun wherever I am so I don’t let my comfort zone come in between that.

A girl loves to party too!

How do I cope with all that as a lady? With heels on baby.. with heels on! All in stride and with grace.

On set of Tv Show: Unaitas Top Chama Show with me as the host 😊


Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel 💋

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