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So by now you should know that I have my company MRX Media Limited (I am a C.E.O!! o.m.g!!!) and since I can’t run things solo- because, you know, that would be crazy; I am gathering my team of gladiators…and yes I stole that from Scandal. LOL. So! first on my hit list is a project manager. What does a project manager do? GOOGLE ala! haha! More details are available to you here register and create your online CV and submit it. That’s it! You have 4 days to go!!!


See below why I NEED a project manager in the first place!

Apply apply apply! And tell others whom you think would be interested and qualified! Be my gladiator and let’s change the game together! All the best 🙂




Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel


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