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LOL! Men Underestimate A Woman’s Driving, Then Get The Shock Of Their Lives!

Women CAN drive better, if not just as good as men! It’s no secret that a lot of people in Kenya are not confident in a woman’s ability to drive. When a woman happens to be a good driver, then you might hear someone say “Her driving is intimidating” or “Eish! Si she drives like a man!” There are just so many things that a woman will be told in her lifetime that a man would probably never hear in his own.

Anyway, here is a HILARIOUS video that puts this issue to rest. It starts with a car sales-lady selling cars to male customers. These men obviously think she knows nothing about the cars, and go ahead to flirt with her. One man outright disregards her saying “You should know your stuff”. The best part, she shocks these men when she takes the car on a test drive.

Watch it below, it’s so funny!

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