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Customer service is described as the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.

This includes when you order a meal or drink at a restaurant. How many times have you ordered something only for the wrong meal to be presented in front of you? Being the “good mannered” Africans we are, we tell the waiter, “Don’t bother, it’s here now,” (you don’t want the hell of waiting another 30 minutes for the correct order) or, “Ni sawa tu, bora nishibe” 😂

When it comes to food, we almost feel like no wrong can be done. It’s as if our mothers taught us better than to send food back to the kitchen, I mean, people are STARVING in Turkana! Be glad the waiter brought you chapo ndengu instead of your chapo ndondo. Eat in peace and leave. Neither of the meals has meat, anyway… 💁🏻

Let’s now look at the banking sector. I don’t know how it’s done in other countries but here in Kenya, customer service and especially in this sector is on a new time low. Just the other day I had to blast a customer care lady who works at a bank I store—yes, store, my money, because she had ASSURED me she would give me a call back after I raised a concern with my internet banking. As much as I didn’t particularly like that move, I feel it had to be made.

How many times have you called the bank with an issue and they tell you to give them your details and they will be in touch shortly? Do they EVER give you that call back?

Couple of months back, my online banking account was going through things, call it PMesing, menopause, whatever it was, it wasn’t pretty. So I made the call. I was told to send screen shots of the issue to an email, which I did. 2 days went by and, silence. Again I called. Was told to send another screen shot, and still, no one bothered. Those 2 ladies who had PROMISED to get back, never did. I resulted to going to the bank branch to get it sorted. Sawa, it was, but at the expense of my oh so valuable time.

Then another issue raised its head just some weeks back. What do I do? Pick up the phone and call customer care. The lines were very busy apparently and the automated voice asked if I could leave my phone number and someone from the bank would call me back. I did. My friend, nilikua napigiwa leo, 2 weeks later. I even laughed at the lady from this bank who gave me the call back.

I could go on and on about my mishaps as I’m sure you would too (and please feel free to do so in the comments section below! Re assure me I’m not the crazy one here!) but I am here to offer solutions to this menace.

  1. Can I Speak To Your Manager Please?

Nothing humbles a waiter like these 7 words. There are instances when the server is clearly rude about a wrong order or a situation where the food is not to your satisfaction and instead of having a back and forth with them, causing a scene, move right along and ask to speak to the manager of the establishment. Please note: If you are eating at your favorite Villa Rosa Kibandaski, this will not work ndugu yangu.The chef is the waiter, cleaner, accountant and manager all at once. Kile kimeletwa kwa meza ndio utakula. Usibishane pris.

  1. Sorry, What’s Your Name Again?

This is especially for those customer care people on the phone. You know, the ones who say their names so fast like “Good evening and thanks for calling XYZ, my name is bdfbjehrf&*w!e/kdjekjk HOW MAY I HELP YOU?” Politely ask them to wheel it up from di top and say BOTH their names sloooooowly. That way, you know exactly who you are dealing with. THAT is how I caught that young lady who lied to me about the call back. With both their names, should they act a fool, you can escalate the matter to the proper department. That young lady wont be making false promises any time soon.

  1. Do You Know Who I Am?

Hehehe! Now listen to me. This line, even I haven’t used yet. Why? Because sijafika hizo standards. Niko karibu! I am saving it for when it has IMPACT. LOL. Is it a rude line? Absolutely! Does it work on some people? Yes.  I am personally saving this line for someone who is out rightly disrespectful and abusive. When I make it that is. It can however backfire a gudu one if you are not really do-you-know-who-I-am material. I am merely giving us options here! Haha! Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t use this line after all? What do you think?

  1. Twitter shall hear about this!

Many times we have seen brands being named and shamed on social media for their awful customer service. You won’t be the first. HOWEVER, don’t do it like yo mama didn’t raise you better. Argue your case in the public court of opinion without insulting anyone, tag the proper company so you aren’t just howling at the moon, and ask KOT if they have ever faced the same. You will gain support in no time.

That’s what I have so far. Again, feel free to add your own experiences below and share this to friends! I shall be here to respond as well as tell you more stories.

Oh and by the way, the bank situation was resolved. My guy! I was given maaany calls of apologies. VIP treatment nayo?

Still thinking of moving my money though.


Mwalimu Rachel.

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  1. Mwalimu, ata tusianze kuongea juu ya government offices…kuanzia NHIF hadi Huduma Centre!
    The twitter one(ama Kilimani Moms hehe) usually works a bunch. Kwanza wakiona unapiga picha wanaanza kutense…
    My cousin once tried to shop online via Kilimall. Aliorder pasi na akaambiwa 1 working week. A fortnight later, bado haijafika. Tumeenda shop yao hapo karibu na Prestige na bado wanadai kutupima. Eventually, pasi ikifika but the experience was crazy and hectic.