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#MyPaperChase: Talent + Hard Work = KSH.

There was once a time we had talents. Yes, HAD. We engaged in our talents, even though we had not perfected them. We enjoyed what we did with our talents. We even showed them off. We loved our talents. Then the world happened. Some self doubt creeped in. Wrong “friends” came into our lives and reinforced that self doubt. We saw our talents as childish. We were way grown to enjoy them anymore and come on! we had a job to seek and do. No time for “hobbies”.

My love for radio and TV started when I was quite young. I held on to that love even when times got tough and my dad kept pushing me to go to business school in Uni. I pursued media against his wishes. That rebellion would have been for nothing had I not pushed further to get internships at radio stations, barely earning anything while living in this big city. I still pushed on.
What is that God given talent you have ignored out of fear of how the world will look at you? The questions your relatives will ask? Why are you still complaining about your sales job, hating it more and more everyday when what you really want to do and are good at, is doing makeup?

What can we do to make money out of our talents?

  1. Re discover your talents and embrace them.
    What was that one thing you know you are/ were good at? Was it writing journals? Was it printing t-shirts? Making beaded jewelry? Tap back into that. Write a list of those talents and by process of elimination, see what is left as the one(s) you are really strong in.
  2. Narrow it down. Make a second list that includes things you can do that cater to your interests. For example:

• Baking cupcakes to sell to your colleagues.

• Tutor Kiswahili privately.

• Teach dance at a primary school.

• Coach football to neighborhood kids.

• Build websites.


3. Research Time!

How are these activities earning others money? How did they get started? How can you add value to your talent such that your talent gives your more return? You may start out baking cookies for family for free but remember if you have something that you do so well, never do it for free. Ever.

4. Be visible.

How does the rest of the world know of your talent? Is it through tweets? a YouTube channel? Word of mouth? Choose the best method to use for the talent you have, then go HAM on it.

5. Don’t quit your 9 to 5 just yet!

However excited you may be about your money making machine that is your talent, keenly analyze if you can live off it. No, this is not self doubt but self preparedness. It is already commendable that you have extra income coming in, which means you are not struggling to pay rent among other things. You are seeing value- tangible value in your talent. Don’t quit your job just yet (even though you may be itching to do so), but rather with the extra money coming in, invest it. Let that money bring in more money and grow “your factory”. With time and money, you will eventually fly on your own.

I hope this article has helped re-ignite the spark and belief in your talent however different or “childish” it may be. You just never know, that talent could be what the world is waiting for; to create a solution to an existing problem.

Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel


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