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Good Sex Starts with Hygiene, Not Strepsils.

Now that cholera is here with us AGAIN, I feel we need to have some issues laid out so we can curb it.  That alright with you? Good.

I know what you’re thinking…“Err…the title is very different from Cholera Mwalimu.”  Yes it is, but I want you to imagine this for a second. Some dude gets down and dirty with his chic, eats her booty like groceries -as they call it, and then goes ahead to sneeze in someone’s food and taraaaa! Cholera. Might sound far fetched now but very possible! 

But lemme focus.

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day who just got into a relationship with this guy and you know how hot and steamy things get in that “honeymoon” phase. Now turns out during round 2 or 3 of the rumble in the jungle, there being no lube available, the guy decided to spit on her cookie jar. She was in shock but not thinking straight and so decided to go with what she thought was just him being a lil freaky (now you know we grown and sexy folk like to venture on the wild side sometimes…hehehe) ANYWAY, she asked me if that was alright because looking back, she felt kinda dirty and cheap. Even worse when the guy would always jump straight into the shower after sex. She thinks this is a religious thing.

“He’s Catholic” she said. LOL.

Then leo nikasoma story ya Strepsils, Tropicals, maji moto kwa thermos, na Rexona. Weeeh! How do people even start using these ndio wajue effects?LOL! It’s all fun and games with experiments until you get a yeast infection, have to get your blood drawn from your penis, or worse.

In my opinion, good sex starts with hygiene. Hygiene starts with you loving your body and taking care of it. If you want to go 3/4 rounds then be a grown ass man/woman and buy lubricant. None of that spitting business. I know you may not want to upset the guy or turn it into an awkward moment but ladies we must set standards about this. The vagina is very sensitive and precious. Not for any Tom DICK and Hairy to spit or try out things that you aren’t comfortable with. And remember:

Can we also stop putting unnecessary pressure on our men? News flash honey, he wont always last 30 minutes. If you feel there’s a problem well then nendeni kwa daktari and get a proper solution, not Rexona! I am not an expert of matters sex, but one thing I do know is if you want to enjoy it, you have to be comfortable. Take a shower before, have clean fresh sheets, set the mood right and in the words of Marvin Gaye, let’s get it on.


Do you think there’s too much pressure on sex? Feel free to comment below!

Live. Love. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel.

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  1. Mwalimu you’re always on point …..especially on this topic,the message is loud and clear …..even i myself can’t entertain that spitting business. Thank you

  2. for oral sex i still believe you can get STD which becomes MTD”mouth transmitted diseases” is this true Mwalim Rachel?

    1. Oh yes! If you have open sores in your mouth and performing oral sex on someone who has an STD, you too can get it. From what I have also gathered online while researching. Thanks for reading Ben!

  3. Mwalimu I truly agree with you coz nowadays it’s not only cholera but other diseases too coz even nowadays most of us don’t take a bath. Trust me have been there to experience such an ordeal….

  4. Personally I think the subject of sex is to overrated.It has too many ‘professors’ trying to tell you what should be done or not done.How long you should last,which position is best and the list goes on and on.
    What I know is a fact is,hygiene has to be at its best.If you want him/her to get down on you or at basic just lungula…please take a shower…and just smell fresh.. Can you imagine how many times you susu and fart..and you just want someone to pretend they can’t smell the ish smell or taste…Hygiene! Hygiene!

  5. “Then leo nikasoma story ya Strepsils, Tropicals, maji moto kwa thermos, na Rexona.”

    Mwalimu can you please explain hii stuff… Nimeona kwa internet for long but sijui inamaanisha…

    I have no intentions of using or being used… Just a question… Nice post though… Kudos

    1. Hmmm…. A lady was claiming that Strepsils is good for BJ’s because of the cooling effect, same for tropicals, dunno what the water is for to be honest, maybe cleaning the man after sex? And the real shocker was Rexona deodorant.That it helps a man last longer if sprayed on his penis before sex. Now listen here Pravin, DO NOT TRY THIS. This whole trying to be a pro at sex itapoteza wengi. lol.

  6. My Teacher,thats true the sweet land is not a bin to dump all shit……lets all observe sanitation and vibrio cholerae will not be our partner.We can host so many things in our bodies especially our peers bt not a deadly bacteria.

  7. Good post mso’but there has always been an expectation gap when it come to hygiene, we assume that all adults know how to properly clean their privates, you can tell this from undergarments za watu wengine