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G Money’s Show Is Making Me FAT.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since G Money went on annual leave from Homeboyz Radio and as much as I have enjoyed covering the breakfast show for him, I am making a plea for him to come back. You see, there is a problem. A BIG PROBLEM. I’m getting fat. In just 12 days, I have gained 3 kgs. You may be laughing right now as you read this but trust me, it was no laughing matter as I stepped on that weighing scale this morning. So allow me to sit down and think about my life and why this was happening to me. One thing is for sure, I blame it on the breakfast show.

1. The Breakfast.
Problemo numero uno. Ok, so I wake up at 4.30 AM, down my 500ml of water, get ready for work and I am out the door. That doesn’t sound bad does it? The problem, my friend is contained in the brown bag I carry with me as I head out. It has my traveling mug full of milk, a small packet of sugar, and some cereal. I then proceed on to the office where I make myself a bowl of cereal with some of the milk as well as a cup of tea. I am of the strong opinion that all that sugar and milk is part of the problem. Dairy is high in calories and so is processed sugar and I am taking it for that much needed energy every morning. That, and the fat…sorry…fact that you wake up with crazy hunger pangs at such ungodly hours- as I have come to discover. In the process, well…my clothes are getting tighter.

2. The OTHER Breakfast
It gets even worse. So at 10 AM once the show is done, there is a very beautiful and smart lady who comes to the office to sell us breakfast. And hers is even tastier than mine. HOW? Hers is fried. I’m talking sausages, mandazi’s chapatti’s, and samosas. Now if you know me well, you know for a fat (why do I keep writing that? lol! Even my keyboard is feeling my weight dear God!) Anyway, you know for a fact that I love samosas. It is food from the gods. Samosas=life. And I loooove life man. So what do I do? I buy two samosas (because what is the point of eating one? Hiyo ni kusumbua tumbo tu) and sometimes I top it up with a sausage. My reasoning for this? Well, it smells so good I cant resist! Also, I need to replenish the energy I just spent on the show and, I still have some tea left in my mug so hey, might as well sindikiza that tea with something right? Weeeh! Niko na shida aki.

chapo mandazi samosas veg_samosa

Stack of cooked sausages.

3. A Laraaaa Time.
So what does one do after their job is done at 10 in the morning? I have meetings back to back and work on my side hustles. I’m a busy girl driving around. What must be included in these meetings as serious issues are discussed about the Mwalimu Rachel brand? Yes, you guessed it! Food. Yaani! I cant explaaaaaaain (Wizkid voice here for proper desperate effect) I eat some little bitings here and there. By the time I get home I have eaten all manner of junk and I find my amazing house manager Joyce welcoming me home after battling the world, with a smile and plate of home made fries. My guy, HOME MADE FRIES!

holding out fires

Who can say no to that! Also, who can dare say no to Joyce when it comes to food she has prepared? So I bite some more. Then my body shuts down and I am off to bed. The time would be say 4PM. When I wake up, it’s TV time with family then dinner.

SIGH. It’s a vicious cycle! I need to break free! What do I do?? G! Please! Come back!


*While on this subject of food, watch me make some delicious fish, as I give you some juicy gossip! Welcome to my kitchen!

Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel


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