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Have Our Kenyan Men Become Cowards?

Everyone and their mother has discussed this issue about the DP’s white pilot Alistair Llewelyn (actually ex pilot because the guy has since been fired) and the Kenyan police woman and all the drama that went down. I too condemn this act of violence and yes, racism in the strongest terms. I take issue with the pilot who had the audacity to confront a figure of authority in the way he did. Why? Because I am willing to bet good money that he NEVER would have dared to do that to a man/woman in uniform say in Britain or the States. Had he tried that move in a predominately white country? WOW. Sema Guantanamo Bay?

Something else got me all hot and bothered after watching the clip that was making rounds on Facebook.

Why are the men just standing and watching? Why are they just gasping from the sidelines? Now I know we Kenyans aren’t the best of friends with our police on any regular day but doesn’t loyalty lie with your own and a lady who clearly didn’t deserve the physical and verbal assault? Shouldn’t the men there have stepped in to get in between the pilot and the police officer? What has become of our men? You may say I am also racist talking about how loyalty lies with someone of a similar skin colour. but in this case where this is happening in our own country and in front of our eyes without any form of fear, let’s just be honest here, my blood was boiling.

So again I ask. What happened to our strong Kenyan men? That man who would never stand back and watch as a woman is being assaulted. The strong Kenyan man who would step in and protect the pride and dignity of a woman? What happened to that man? I miss that man. I want that man back. That man would never be neighbors with another man who batters his wife and greet him in the morning like nothing happened. He would be the first to call the police or if need be, break down the door to save this woman’s life.
Remember the whole stripping craze that happened in the city? The recent footage we saw of a woman being beaten and dragged around as men in the hood watched and recorded on their mobile phones! What is that?
I was brought up by a strong man. A lion in his home and highly respected in the neighborhood and community. Just like my father, other men in that era would never have allowed some of these things to happen. Something needs to change.

As I toured Malindi a couple of months back, I was deeply saddened by some of the things I heard and saw. Malindi is basically run by many Italian businessmen many of which have given the place a face lift. I am all for development and job creation. However there are cases of verbal abuse on the natives there who play the role of chefs, waiters, cleaners and many other forms of low paying jobs. The major problem here being the Kenyans there look up to the Italians there as “demi god’s” as one of my local taxi guy told me. They are apparently disrespected and they take it time and time again. This just isn’t right. Maybe that’s where it all begins. Self respect and self esteem. (That’s why I have been having #29DaysOfSelfLove!) Without that then our men will stay timid in situations that beg them to act.

I still believe in our Kenyan men. Heck I am raising one. I will do my part to make sure he is an example to be emulated. I pray that more parents do this. Save the Kenyan man. Bring back his pride and courage.

Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel


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