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So… My Dad Is On Whatsapp 😅 😅

I love my parents. They have taught me how to love, how to survive in this crazy world, and how to hold on to faith and hope when things get rough. What they have taught me has brought me this far in my career, my marriage and motherhood.

So it goes without saying that when my dad asked for a smart phone, I told him I would work on it. Sijui kama he was envious of the other “wazees” in the village who had smart phones? Aliniambia he is tired of pressing buttons and wanted a touch screen. So I got it for him. Ol’man was happy! He even sent me a thank you text and he’s not even about that life. “Too much work!” He used to say.


He’d rather just call. Guess things changed! 😂 😂

I am still to find out whether it was my brother’s grand idea to introduce my dad to Whatsapp, ama he just knew about it and asked my bro to install the app. I guess once I travel to Embu over the holidays I will find out.

Ever got one of these? 😂 😂

I remember it was around 9PM Saturday, I was in the bedroom, frustrated, unpacking some of the clothes that were in boxes when I heard the Whatsapp notification tone. It was dad.

He wanted to know how I was coping with the move to the new house. Concerned that his daughter was very tired, he wished me a good night and passed his love to everyone else. I shed a little tear. A father’s love. My father’s love. Why did he seem closer now? Almost as though Whatsapp had brought us closer somehow? 😊

Then the pics started rolling in 2 days later. First a selfie of himself and I told him to take a better one since the one on his avi was too stern looking. It made him look unapproachable and quite honestly harsh. “Hahaha! “Its ok to smile a bit dad!” I texted him.

Much better!

So he took another one, and another one and even took one of my bro with his new haircut. 😂 😂 We had opened pandora’s box. No turning back now!

But perhaps the best picture he took was this one with my mum.


His wife of more than 30 years. In this day and age that is almost un-heard of. It was so weird yet so heart warming seeing this side of my dad. I was really moved.

He even knows how to use emojis! Hahaha!

Then there was the pic dad sent me a yesterday of a chopped arm he found in our shamba that belonged to a known thief. A case of mob justice. He just heard a commotion and found it there! Nope, not showing that picture here and I think it’s time to have a sit down with dad to teach him the do’s and don’ts of Whatsapp.

It will be business unusual pale Whatsapp for me no doubt! I changed my pic like this and who was first to comment and tell me iko poa? My father.

He wasn’t wrong…lol. Good lighting.

Will have to check on my outfits and environment before I upload those pics from now on…LOL!

Is your parent on Whatsapp or social media in general? Is it weird? Do you mind it or not? What should I do? Let me know!I’m still trying to figure all this out!

Love. Live. Learn. 

Mwalimu Rachel.




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  1. Its not bad to have them on social media..
    Personally i have almost all my younger uncles on facebook & whatsapp…sometimes though it gets kindda akward when one of my many cousins mistakenly posts something inappropriate on group for the older folk

  2. My parents use Facebook, which I no longer use. It never bothered me though. I’m old enough that my parents and I relate on all levels. The one thing they refuse to do is get smartphones. Even my father, Mr. Technology, just outright refuses. “I won’t be a slave to my phone! I’ll stick with my dumbass phone!” He always exclaims when I bring it up lol

  3. my mum is now on whatsapp…so my whatsapp profile pic now is an image of a bible verse. that has been there for the last three months. i dont think i am going to change it any time soon

  4. Its not a bad thing for parents to be on social media but then again we wont feel comfortable if we are doing something wrong there. They would see that