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The 9 Types of Intelligence – Everyone has Unique Abilities

People’s talents and abilities depend on the types of intelligence. What are you good at? What are your strengths? A lot of us panic when we hear these questions. Finding yourself and truly knowing who you are is something you never stop doing. Everyone is talented in their own way. It is interesting how the word ‘talent’ for us is often synonymous to actions such as dancing, drawing, playing an instrument and singing.

However, talent is not limited to the arts – There are lots of different ways people are talented, and its all based on your type of intelligence. Here are the 9 types of Intelligence:


Spatial Intelligence – You have the ability to comprehend 3-D images and shapes. You’re probably very good at solving puzzles and deciphering maps. You have a great ability to recognize people’s faces. People with spatial intelligence are most successful as an architect, graphic designer,  chef, engineer, filmmaker, pilot, auditor and jobs that require spatial reasoning, image manipulation and graphic/artistic skills.

Naturalist Intelligence – You relate to your surroundings and have a sensitivity to and appreciation for nature. You have the gift to nurture and grow things. You’re also great at caring for and interacting with animals. People with naturalist intelligence tend to do well as conservationists, farmers, animal trainers, scientists, park rangers, geologists, marine biologists and jobs that involve interaction with nature.

Musical Intelligence – You are that one person who knows what pitch, rhythm, timbre, and tone mean. You can compose music and play instruments. In fact, you are aware of sounds that others miss. People with musical intelligence will often be found singing or drumming to themselves. You can consider a career as a music/sound producer, a songwriter, music teacher/director or musician.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence – When it comes to mathematical operations, you are on top of the world. You can perceive relationships and connections. You tend to have a symbolic thought process and have  reasoning skills. Logical intelligence is a common trait found in mathematicians, scientists, detectives, lawyers, doctors, computer programmers, accountants, researchers and financial planners.

Fun Fact: Mathematical and Musical Intelligences share a common thinking processes. When creating music, a musician goes through the same process a mathematician would when solving a math equation.

Existential Intelligence – You are sensitive to deep questions about human existence. You live to tackle the meaning of life, why we die and how we got here. People often tell you that you’re very reflective and deep thinking. You’re great at designing theories. Careers that best fit you include scientist, theologian and philosopher.

Interpersonal Intelligence – You’re people smart. You quickly understand and interact with others. Your verbal and non-verbal communication is great. You can sense the mood and personalities of others and can entertain multiple perspectives. You’re often a leader among your peers. You enjoy social events and meeting new people. You can consider a career in public relations, politics, sales, social work and other opportunities that involve social interaction.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence – you love movement and enjoy sports and/or dance. You are good at building things and like to stay active. You learn by doing and would prefer to touch than just look. You like to work with your hands and you’re one of those people who likes to figure out how things work. You prefer to be outdoors. You could be a dancer, performer, athlete, craftsman, farmer, physical therapist, fitness trainer, and other careers that involve either building things or being physically active.

Linguistic Intelligence – You’re very talented with word. You love to read, write and learn languages. You’re probably one of those people who cannot stand grammatical mistakes, even if it’s just Facebook! You love word games and cherish your book collection. You always find the right words to express yourself, so you can be a writer, editor, politician (yes!), preacher (yes!), journalist, broadcaster, teacher and actor/actress.

Intra-personal Intelligence – You’re probably enjoying reading this article the most. This is because you’re self-aware, and you like to learn about yourself. You’re introverted and prefer to work alone. You’re intuitive, independent and you spend time thinking and reflecting. You probably think about self-employment a lot. You could be an artist, actor, personal counselor, entrepreneur, criminologist, consultant, psychologist and therapist.

You could have a mixture of these types of intelligence, so if you’re confused about your abilities, you can take a quick test here to find out.

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