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5 Ways Men Can Be More Supportive of Women

It’s International Women’s Day! We are celebrating women’s achievements and calling for even more gender parity. Throughout the conversation, the woman has been the highlight. One thing is for certain though, without men, the fight for gender equality is nothing! It may feel like men don’t care, but that is not the case. Our men have mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. We all want a better world for women.

Here are 5 ways men can be even more supportive of women:

  1. Challenge misogyny in public: If another man is beating up a woman, condemn him. If a woman is being patronized for being too aggressive, question that! Here’s a truth – There are certain ways the world sees a woman: kind, nurturing, compassionate, fragile… These expectations, believe it or not, impact women, even in the workplace. When a woman opposes an opinion, it’s quickly seen that she “whines too much” or that she’s “not submissive”. So the next time you hear someone say that a woman is “aggressive” or “too much”, ask that person “Would you have the same opinion if a man did the same thing?”
  2. Give a helping hand at home: When your wife/girlfriend is away hustling and you’re home alone, don’t hold it over her head. Most women work a full day only to come home to a second job. Try to be supportive of her as she endeavors to succeed in her career/business. When you do a few chores, this does not mean you are less of a man. Besides, they do say that charity begins at home. Your effort at home will reflect in other parts of your life.
  3. Be a REAL father to your kids (for those of you who have kids): This not only helps reinforce a 50/50 partnership with your woman, it also helps your sons and daughters become better people. Hands-on fathering results in higher self-esteem, better social skills, fewer behavioral problems and impressive academic achievement. This is something you would want for your daughter, yes?
  4. When in a relationship set priorities from the get-go: All things worthwhile, even relationships, need planning. You and her each need to set your own individual priorities. When you communicate your goals with each other and understand what to expect from each other, it becomes easier to support each other.
  5. Learn to take a woman’s opinion more seriously: You may argue that you already do, but the truth of the matter is our society is very patriarchal. It’s a man’s world, no doubt! Men are raised to be more confident and most men would believe that their opinion is always valued. Learn to extend the value you have for your own opinion and apply the same to a woman’s.

All in all, there are simple things men can do to support the women in their lives. Women, we need to encourage and celebrate our men when they support us in any way. Without them, the fight to achieve equality is nothing.

Still not convinced that men are just as important as women are in the equality conversation? Here’s a video that will hopefully make a lot of sense for you!

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