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Tabia Mbaya za vijanaa

Dear Diary.

Lakini mbona twakosa adabu?

I have a big problem na vile vijana wenzangu siku hizi wamekosa adabu. And I’m not talking about H_art The Band and Dela’s adabu…

So the other day I’m walking around the shopping center in the neighborhood and couldn’t help but notice a weird behavior that has slowly crept in. Talking to people with earphones in our ears. Listen, I am ALL for enjoying music and in fact I want people to always listen to my show whenever it comes on, on Homeboyz Radio but goodness! Hata mtu akiwa anaongea na mwenzake bado earphones ziko maskioni, sasa mtaelewana vipi? Plus it’s just RUDE!

I once encountered this behavior a couple of years back when mobile phones with radios had just landed and it was the coolest thing walking with earphones and headphones. I had tried talking to a fellow intern at the studio one time and just couldn’t understand why the hell they couldn’t just remove their earphones and converse with me. It’s just plain rude and silly! All the while alikua tu akisema, “Eh? Ati umesema?”

I had to yank those damn things away and give him a piece of my mind. Argh. So annoying.

Then there’s the telling of lies. Bila shaaaaame. This used to be with our uncles but it has gone down to us the younger generation. “Yes! Hello, eeeeh. Niko hapa bus station ndio natembea nikishuka CBD. Nakam! Relax!”

Saa hiyo msee ako sat next to you kwa matatu hata haijajaa pale Giturai.

Let’s not forget tabia ya kukatiwa simu na hata hujamaliza kuongea. Woi! Aki ya nani mi huskia ni kama nitapiga mtu. Not everyone does this, and it’s not when ati credo imeisha. It’s just a rude behavior of not allowing the other person to finish talking. Like you have better things to do. Kwanza as you are explaining a point, the dude (yes, it’s mostly dudes who do this…) says “sawasawasawasawa!” cuts you off and hangs up the phone. Making you feel so small and irrelevant. Damn.

And have you ever been in this situation where you loaned someone some money and even if it wasn’t a huge amount, still, you gave him/her the loan, then on Thursday you see their TL is LIT with boxes of pizza? Hata sii Tuesday ati kuangukia deal?!! Man.

Hiyo ni madharau ya aina gani jameni? Lol! Hata unacheka tu!

Kisha to the chics who are sent for credit by their bae. Ka 100 bob ama 250 akiwa sonko, then this girl doesn’t even bother calling to say thanks for the airtime- which is a precious commodity in our day and age, but instead flashes the dude ama sends just ONE whatsapp message to say thanks, never to be heard from again.

Ni nini shida lakini?

Can we try to feel again? Now I know it can be hard in this cruel crazy world but can we just try to bear in mind other people’s feelings? Be compassionate? Because the last time I checked, that’s what humanity was best known for.

Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel.

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  1. Ukweli kabisa. Tabia ingine mbaya ni kutext mtu whatsapp na unaona the person you’re chatting with imeandikwa typing.. that’s like talking when someone else is talking!

  2. Thank you mwalimu for the above issues. Allow me mwalimu to bring to your attention a trend that is common with our artistes and musicians attend live tv shows with their faces all covered in dark glasses and shades (i find it rude and in bad taste to their followers and fans, it also misses the point of live interview which i believe is connecting with the audience ,and eye contact is vital in this. PLEASE address this Mwalimu.

    1. So very trueee! I really hate that. Eye contact like you mentioned Wallace is vital! We as the audience need to feel we connect. But there are those who say wamechoka macho or maybe wako macho nyanza…lol and thats why they want to cover their eyes so wasimulikwe. What do you say to that?