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My Night With Trey Songz.

Yes. It happened! Finally we met. We locked eyes. We danced. And I have proof thanks to my Huawei Y6ii phone. That camera is bomb!

But before I show you the video, understand that Trey and I go back…waaay back since 2005. He released his debut single and that song spoke to my soul. Of course I had a MASSIVE crush on him with those old school cornrows and cute dimples…LORD! but more than that, the words in his song “Gotta Make It” were a reflection of what I was feeling at that point in my life. I had just joined Uni and my pursue of success was real. Applying for internships without success, being broke while seeing other girls’ rooms complete with flat screen TV’s and mini fridges. Man, it wasn’t easy. Then he said:

“I’m tryin’ to turn it around, start this thing from the ground and as long i kno you’re gon be down”

I knew I just had to make it.

He will never see this, I know. He will never know how he motivated this Kenyan girl, but Trey Songz, thank you.

Now click HERE and see how my night with him went. 😉 

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  1. Mwalimu you got a big heart and the sky is not limit,i look up to you everyday keep inspiring the world ……your always my crush girl