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My 5 day Experience In Malindi.

(Long awaited post!)

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I have always loved the coastal region of our beautiful country Kenya. Many complain about the heat but I guess I got used to it having being born and raised there. I will forgive you for thinking Malindi is the same as Mombasa but they are words apart. Malindi is more interior and say an hour and a half away from Mombasa town.

Over the just concluded December holidays (take me back! ) my family and I decided to tour Malindi. We were there for 5 days at a beautiful resort. We also toured around the area so we could see, outside the resort, what else is out there.


That arm is NOT my doing I promise! Lol!


Check out our villa!

Out and about!

Simba Dishes is THAT place for Biryani!


When we weren’t moving around, we swam! Everyday! That was fun.

It was interesting when we went to a nearby beach only to be met with brown water! And glittery sands! Like seriously, check out the video below!

Upon further investigation, my β€œmboys” and I gathered information that the brown water is because River Galana drains into that part of the indian Ocean. Our tuktuk guy told us that…and he was right.

Before long it was time to head to Mombasa town but we decided to have the last dinner by the sea at a restaurant around the Malindi area only to find all of them closed! Quite sad and a waste of all the beautiful sights! Clearly if you want a chill place to retire, Malindi is the place. If you wanna party and have fun, then Mombasa is your best bet.

Malindi is well known for its really clean beaches which acts as a major tourist attraction. The sad part is after the festivities are over and they go back to their country, the town goes dead. Maybe what we need there are industries that run the town, good schools, malls, recreational centres not just for international tourists but local ones as well. The populous there needs much more than just fishermen and maids who work at hotels built by Italians and Germans. My opinion.

Overall though? Best.Vacation.Ever.

Yes he was drunk. With sleep.

When boss man passes out and he’s supposed to pay the bill!

Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel.


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