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OMG! Look What I Found!

Monday 25th January 2016.

Dear Diary,

So there we were having dinner when my mischievous son decides to go through my Bible {My very first since primary school imagine that!} Something falls off and I pick it up to find it’s an old note from my friend and high school classmate. This is one of those notes passed on during night preps…LOL!

Ignore the Wanjundi part! That’s a story for another post! Hahahaha!

Immediately it comes flooding back to me…Those high school memories of being in class during prep time. I hated preps. Night, morning, mid morning, weekend preps, name it! Argh! Pure torture. So I open the note. Just the first line makes me burst out laughing almost spilling the food that was in my mouth. Read it for yourself! Waaah! Memories aki…
“I’m so psyked up for Friday manze if I just happen to die leo, I will be disappointed. Although that day we will be apart (you have company and I don’t) I know it will be a blast. My head is just banging kwanza with the mao quiz off my shoulders,psyke imedouble. By the way come check out my new handwriting.It is new and neat and tiny and all that goes with the wow! astonishment. If you need comfort, I’m here but first I need my poem back kidogo. Sawaz. Wacha kulala time ya Bio it’s very interesting if you have read first  (like moî). Let me tell you a smart way ya kumaliza mtuno this week. Each time you feel sleepy, start looking forward to Friday and seeing Freddy boy again and mtuno itaenda like I don’t know what but I am not encouraging you to drift off class all the time.”

WOW. Shout out to Freddy boy my then boyfriend who just stopped writing me letters…Just. like. that. I still ask myself WHY!? So heartless. Bet he misses me now! (naah…maybe not. LOL!)
Makes me wonder, if you could go back to high school, any form, which one would it be and why? Me? Form 2. I could sleep in class in peace and not worry about K.C.S effn E. Life was gooooood. Lol!

While we are here TBT-ing on a Monday, check out this pic! *gasp!*


Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel.


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