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High School Never Really Ends! #TTT

So I have decided every Tuesday shall be Tripple Threat Tuesdays #TTT (Aki #TheTrend just let me have this? Lol!) Where I will be posting 3 articles. Somebody pray that I actually live up to this excitement 😂 😂

I have already posted about lessons from THE ALCHEMIST, now let me address my back to school goers.

Dear High Schoolers.

Going back is always daunting. Especially if you are a boarder. And a boarder wa shule ya ocha forget these nice schools that give you hot water and ACTUAL special diet (yetu ilikua boiled cabbage and hard Ugali) It’s not easy having to wake up at 4.30 AM looking for water and trans-nighting because those history books won’t cram themselves! Lol. I totally feel you. But let me tell you how out here, things aren’t so different. High School never ends!

Out here, we may not have notes to cram, but we have the hustle. Either looking for a job or actually having one will get you up pretty early!High School is just preparing you for all that mess. So be grateful! And learn survival skills.

Those pushy bullies? Yeah, they’re out here too buddy! Only this time they may be dressed in good suits and try to take over that account you have worked so hard to bring in and get all the glory too! So be grateful that you are learning to stand up for yourself, even if some punches do land on you, at least you’ve got your self respect!

Those too cool for school mean girls? You know, the ones who are from tao na wewe ni wa ocha? Or the ones who brag about drinking and smoking, the ones who will make you feel less beautiful than they are? Oh honey, plenty of those out here too! They speak to us with their noses up in the air, act they know more than they actually do, struggle to get the latest everything to keep up with their like. Boo thaing be grateful! While in high school, you get to spot their habits and study them so you can AVOID THEM.Then there’s the CU babes. Hahahaha! Yeees! I will take it there! Now these are the over zealous, over charismatic religious type. Sio wote! But they are there. Hapa sasa, you have to tread carefully. Please don’t feel you have to attend morning glory, afternoon fellowship and evening Bible study. You have a life (and sleep!) I was there, and as much as I loved the Lord, and still do! I felt like it was a burden. Like I just wanted to please the C.U chairlady instead of working on my relationship with God which doesn’t require all of that. And trust me, out here, wako pia. The ones who will insist on taking you to their church, persuade you to adopt their doctrines and start dressing like them; and if you don’t, start hating on you saying umekataa Mungu.  Boss, chic, be grateful! The Lord works in mysterious ways and wants to reveal to you who they are now.


Take in all in stride, remember, you are there to work on your future. Nobody else’s! Have fun, play sports, join drama club, be a joy rider to science conferences, live your life and you will never regret your experience.

High school never ends. We just grow up.

Love. Live. Learn

Mwalimu Rachel.


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  1. Good one Mwalimu kuna wasee wengine huku nje sijui huwa wanajiona ni kama wamefika. I remember the mapiris in highschool, they acted as if wamepewa certificates na IEBC. It was good to have that experience but was tough though

  2. High School was tough for me, I hadn’t learnt the art of waking up at 3:30, hell was real for me there. Tough teachers and bully prefects who think they own the world. But I’ve appreciated the positivity that came with that experience…they shaped me and I’m proud of that